Cost-Saving Measures throughout MotoGP are being implemented, ensuring that future championships can be held. Operational teams in the MotoGP are facing significant financial impacts throughout the pandemic, with Grand Prix’s being postponed for an indefinite period. It’s prompted for numerous advertisers to pull their contracts with these MotoGP teams. One of the ways that costs will be saved was announced by International Motorcycling Federation, with that being a specific condition that allows organisations to operate 2020 Spec Motorcycles throughout the 2021 Season.

This is a fair condition after eight Grand Prix’s in the MotoGP Season were postponed or cancelled. Additional races are being terminated with world governments implementing extended lockdowns or social distancing measures. This includes Germany, which saw the Sachsenring Grand Prix cancelled for June 21st. It should be mentioned that Dorna Sports, the MotoGP Promoters confirmed that €9.075 Million would be provided to MotoGP Teams throughout the next three months. This financial aid also assists the Moto32, Moto3 and KTM Championships.

The MotoGP Manufacturers Association has been continuously discussing what’s next with the International Motorcycling Federation. They’ve been determining which options are most viable for cost-saving, with it being collectively determined that freezing the production of new models for 2021 be implemented. It guarantees that MotoGP teams can shut down their factories and furlough employees where possible.

Motorcycles manufactured for the 2020 season being maintained through 2021 is most consistent with fair cost-saving measures. It’s a concept that’s been approved and praised by the Grand Prix Commission. Seasonal agreements for 2021 could also be postponed under the condition that COVID-19 is still active. Medical experts firmly expect that a 2nd and 3rd wave will hit before scientists create a vaccine.

The Future

The Grand Prix Commission and International Motorcycling Federation mentioned that development for new motorcycles with Moto2 or Moto3 is also frozen. That means the production of new vehicles for everyone in the MotoGP Manufacturers Association won’t begin until after the 2021 Season is completed. That’ll provide them with plenty of time to create new concepts and ideas. We’ll provide our readers with any changes to the newly enacted conditions.

2021 MotoGP Motorcycle Development Halted