Boutique manufacturers of motorcycles are rarely established, with the associated retail market being considerably smaller than standard models sold to consumers. Some brands remain active in the boutique motorcycle market, including Beta Motorcycles. May 31st marked the date when Beta Motorcycles would announce the 2021 RR-S Dual Sport, which is categorized in their endurance & off-road lineup.

Beta Motorcycles originates from Italy, surprising the boutique community with their unveiling. Most anticipated that BM would struggle to continue operations after Italy was struck down by the coronavirus is an unexpected way. They were the 2nd epidemic country after China & before America. The COVID-19 pandemic did play a critical factor in the manufacturing of the BM 2021 RR-S Dual Sport. Company personnel clarified that production numbers would be lower than in previous years.

Four variations of the RR-S Dual Sport are releasing in 2021, with alterations in each model applying to its engine block. Consumers can select the minimum power unit of 350cc or enhance their off-road capabilities with a 390cc engine block. Dedicated riders have a 430cc & 500cc power unit option as well. Additional alterations between each model included ground clearance, wheelbase span, and seat height. Beta Motorcycles will determine the best dimensions by account for the height & weight of the purchasing rider.

The power unit selected won’t alternate additional components required for off-road riding. Each engine block maintains a 42mm Throttle Body, which is accompanied with a Six-Speed Gear Box that’s controlled by a Hydraulic Clutch & Final Chain Drive. It should be clarified that depending on which model is selected by the purchasing rider; associated costs are increased.

September Release

Pre-orders for the 2021 Beta Motorcycles RR-S Dual Sport is available today, with the bike slated to release by September of this year. The maximum cost associated with Beta’s latest off-road motorcycle is $10,899.00 with taxes. It’s one of their lowest-priced models available for the 2021 lineup & will support performances that commonly aren’t seen with Yamahas or Hondas. Consumers should remember that custom-made Italian motorcycles are the pinnacle of speed & innovation.

2021 RR-S Dual Sport from Beta Motorcycles