Motorcycle enthusiasts were excited to learn that the Honda Gold Wing – GL1800 will receive Android Auto Integration. It’ll mark the 1st instance that Android Auto has been reformatted for motorcyclist usage, with this updated feature slated to release by June 15th of this year. GL1800 Owners will require owning a smartphone with Android Nine or Ten to engage with this new feature.

Honda Motorcycles implemented the addition of Android Auto after initially providing Apple CarPlay to the Gold Wing series in 2017. It was the 1st motorcycle to induct navigation features from the Apple Company, with no other manufacturer having followed in Honda’s footsteps. Response from Gold Wind Owners was unexpectedly favourable, showing a desire for modern dashboards. After negotiations with the Google Company for 24+ months, Honda Motorcycles obtained a contract to offer Android Auto 5.0. It’s expected that Google is currently retrofitting this software to better suit the Gold Wing Lineup.

Gold Wing Owners that download Android Auto 5.0 to their motorcycles will receive an influx of features. That includes Music Accessibility, Speech-to-Text Messaging Applications, GPS Navigation, and Google Assistant. Prolonged rides through country roads in North America or the European Union become considerably less challenging when engaging with these features. Similar features are available to Gold Wing Owners with an iPhone. It should be noted that Honda recommends using Android Auto with a Bluetooth Headset. This guarantees that the Gold Wing GL1800 can continue being controlled.

The Honda Gold Wing GL1800

Motorcyclists desiring a tourer with Liquid Cooling, ABS Breaks, Six Speed Gearboxes, and Fuel-Efficient Transmissions have located the perfect motorcycle. The Honda Gold Wing GL1800 also provides comfortable seating, a luxurious design, saddlebags, storage options, and much more that owners will find years after their initial purchase. It’s this core aspect that has seen the Gold Wing Series remain popular for over four decades. Their core designs haven’t been altered since it’s initial launch in 1974, with the fanbase often returning to the Gold Wing & it’s multiple iterations. Those interested in purchasing the Honda Gold Wing GL1800 should know there are five different models, with the cost varying between $23k and $31k.

Android Auto Added to Honda Gold Wing