MotoGP’s 2020 Campaign has neared its end, prompting teams to announce their driver lineup before concluding this years season. The latest driver lineup confirmation comes from Aprilia Racing, which confirmed three racers would compete this year. Speculation from MotoGP analysts indicates that the role of “Secondary Rider” will be helmed by two individuals, which hasn’t been seen in MotoGP for years.

Driver strategies for 2021 with Aprilia Racing didn’t initially account for three riders. Aprilia was forced into changing its strategy when Andrea Iannone was suspended from MotoGP for four years. Andrea Iannone was found guilty of administering himself steroids in October 2020, prompting his immediate removal from Aprilia Racing. Strategists determined that two riders could fill the unexpected void, with those individuals being Bradley Smith & Lorenzo Savadori.

Supporters of Aprilia Racing have been disappointed by the revelation of Lorenzo & Bradley being selected. Those riders weren’t fanfare favourites for Andrea Iannone’s replacement. Cal Crutchlow was the hopeful selection, with negotiations between the Crutchlow Camp & Aprilia Racing never reaching fruition. Andrea Dovizioso was the 2nd favourite for selection but couldn’t be contacted after the rider announced his sabbatical for 2021. It led Aprilia Racing to select the two younger drivers of Bradley Smith & Lorenzo Savadori an opportunity for “Secondary Rider”.

Young Drivers to the Rescue

Aprilia Racing confirmed that younger drivers are being brought into their racing directive, noting that long-term growth in MotoGP is possible via that strategy. It wouldn’t be until November 23rd that Aprilia Racing confirmed that Bradley Smith & Lorenzo Savadori are competing on the same team. However, Aprilia Racing clarified that these men would switch between “Secondary Driver” and “Test Rider”.

CEO Massimo Rivola of Aprilia Racing clarified that young riders are being provided with an opportunity. Leading members of Aprilia Racing felt that exciting results could be evoked through young drivers over a short timeframe. CEO Massimo Rivola noted that these drivers need convincing to join MotoGP, that initially they didn’t believe themselves ready for the motorsport. After private testing held from public knowledge, Bradley Smith & Lorenz

Aprilia Racing Announces 2021 Driver Lineup