Brough Superior Motorcycles, an infamous brand in England from the early to mid-1900s has been brought back to life by Aston Martin. The British Car Manufacturer received the boxer design from motorcycles built by Brough. This is because long-time enthusiasts Thierry Henriette and Mark Upham provided the blueprint to Aston Martin. This car manufacturer has retrofitted the bike, giving it an additional sixty horsepower on its original 120. Aston has also turbocharged the engine and created a new chassis that comprises of carbon fire aluminium.

The Chief Creative Officer at Aston Martin, Mark Reichman, has worked for years to bring this project to light. Professionally, he mentioned to reporters that the skills required to develop this motorcycle were crafted through the development of Valkyrie. The Aston Martin Valkyrie is the fastest and most exotic car ever created by the British manufacturer. Their unique expertise will enable them to make a groundbreaking motorcycle that will surely become a hit amongst British Enthusiasts.

Those potentially interested in purchasing this new motorcycle from Aston Martin will have to wait until the end of 2020. The Aston Martin 001 Motorcycle won’t be released in December 2020 and is expected to cost in excess of €108 thousand Euros. Delivery is anticipated internationally in four to six months, with British and European Customers taking priority for Aston Martin. Unfortunately, this bike won’t be in the budget for average petrol heads looking for a new toy to experience.

The Brough Superior Motorcycle brand was infamous across England. Unfortunately, major controversy surrounded their vehicles because of Rolls Royce. At that time, Rolls Royce was the most pivotal car manufacturer in the world and began fighting with Brough. This was because Brough claimed they were the Rolls Royce of Motorcycle, which is an illegally advertising offence. When Rolls Royce started to seek legal advice, Brough was finishing assembly for the upcoming British Motor Show. Rolls Royce had a secret representative witness the Brough manufacturing process, which was identical with Rolls. The following result was numerous slanderous campaigns against Brough, which saw the brand quickly fall in popularity.

What made the brand famous for decades after it fell was the fact that their motorcycle was used in Lawrence of Arabia. The film became legendary at its time, with many picking up on the incredible bike ridden by T.E. Lawrence. He is quoted as saying that it’s the best motorcycle he’s ever ridden. However, in recent years, the classic vehicle has become less popular. This prompted Aston Martin to acquire the design plans and release a modernised version of the vehicle for consumers. Its history and manufacturer are what is creating the extensive price tag. Regardless, it’s expected that the AM001 motorcycle will sell out almost immediately.

Aston Martin Developing Motorcycle