Sure, there are motocross boots out there that less for less than $150, which provide excellent protection for your ankles and skins. However, with a full MX kit, you need boots that don’t only accommodate additional gear such as slip-in knee guards, you’ll also keep better protection when you head off to terrines that are a little more demanding.

When it comes to MX boots, it’s not just about having the best protection or having something that looks stylish, it’s also important to choose boots that are comfortable. There are many boots out there ranking well over the $500 mark and some even over the $1,000, but if you’re just looking for boots that work well both on-road and off-road while giving you excellent protection, choose one of the following.

Answer AR1

At just $139, the Answer AR1 is one of the best choices as it has all the features and benefits of the more expensive options without the same price tag. The outside offers a stylish back boot with white soles and a metal tip for maximum toe protection while it also offers a flatter design on the inside of your ankle for maximum move-ability and grip to the motorcycle.

Unlike other boots of around the same price, the Answer AR1 also features a wider top, making it really easy to add slip in knee guards that let keeps your kit in place. Furthermore, the inside of the boot is well-designed with materials that won’t let you own after using it just a few times. It also includes the D3O in-sole with shock-absorbing capabilities and for the best comfort.

Fox Comp 5

The Fox Comp 5 boots have gained an excellent reputation as excellent quality and highly secure MX boots. Sure, it’s a little higher in price, but still comes in under the $200 mark, making it one of the best entry level boots. It offers a molded sole and has a much better finish overall.

It providers more shin protection than most other entry level boots while also offering nicer buckles that feature aluminium for a stronger and more secure fit. It provides additional protection around the toes without having the metal brace, making the boot look better while also giving you a low profile finish for excellent riding comfort.

Another advantage is just how flexible it is, even as brand new, adding yet another aspect to comfortably. The interior consists of high-quality materials, offering a long-lasting option, no matter what you’ll be using it for.

Alpine-stars Tech 1

Now, these are the most expensive on the list, which is expected with the brand. However, it’s well worth taking out the additional cash and investing $199 in your safety as they have what it takes to give you the ultimate in comfort and safety.

The boot is available in 3 colors and provides the features you’ll commonly see with higher priced boots, including an actual flex system with moving parts that allow you to put it on for the first time, have flexibility and don’t keep to wear them in.

It offers much better protection all around, starting with the heat shield on the inside of your leg through to the additional padding on the outside. The boot also includes a metal tip, hard toe cover and excellent internal material for long-lasting boots.

Best MX/Off-Road Boots for Under $200