Endurance races hold prominence throughout Great Britain, with the nation’s landscape supporting the motorsport. COVID-19 prompted the majority of endurance races in Britain to become postponed or cancelled, including Moped Mayhem 2020. Organizers of the prolonged endurance race have confirmed that they’ll return at “Devitt MCN Festival of Motorcycling”, which will occur throughout May 15th to 16th in 2021. It’ll include a multitude of endurance-themed racing that maintain large grids. The result is extensive action where the unexpected becomes expected.

Moped Mayhem 2021 confirmed that their event would comprise of used & new motorcycles that perform stunt displayed for ticketholders. Additionally, MM2021 organizers are employing live bands to provide music entertainment throughout the weekend. Considering that Moped Mayhem is one of the more popular events in Great Britain, the general response to the announcement of MM2021s return has been excitement.

It should be mentioned that a large percentage of motorcycle manufacturers from the United Kingdom sponsor Moped Mayhem. This means that Triumph Motorcycles, Norton Bikes, and multiple others will have their 2021 models available for test rides. Moped Mayhem is one of the few events that maintain this opportunity. However, drivers must maintain an A-Motorcycle license in the United Kingdom. Anything lower will prompt immediate refusal.

Dirt Track Racing

Two other event organizers are participating in the “Devitt MCN Festival of Motorcycling”. This includes the “Dirt Track Riders Associations”, which is maintaining off-road racing for viewers. It’s been announced that dirt bikes supporting 1000cc’s are being kept at the Peterborough-established venue.

Extreme Bike Battle

The second organizer maintaining an event at Devitt 2021 is the “Extreme Bike Battle Association”. They’ll provide ticketholders with the most exciting & adrenaline-fueled stunt show available across the United Kingdom. It’s the EBB Stunts that see large numbers of visitors at Devitt MCN Festival of Motorcycling.

Those wanting to purchase consumer goods from these three organizers will have the option with retails stands. However, this festival is viable for cancellation similar to Devitt 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic could still be at-large from May 15th to 16th. It’s entirely dependant on a vaccine being released worldwide.

Britain’s Moped Mayhem Returns for May 2021