Hopping on your off-road bike is a lot of fun and allows you to discover all types of brilliant roads that only few others have found in the past. It doesn’t matter where you stay, and there’s always a place where you get to have the back wheel slide out as you kick up some dirt for an awesome day of fun.

While it’s all fun and games, it’s important to remain respectful of the powerful machine and understand it’s a dangerous sport that could lead to serious injuries without trying too hard. The kit you wear is by far the most important as this is what protects you from hitting your head on a rock or going straight into a branch that smacks on your chest.

We all want to have fun on the bikes, but the last thing we want is to end it with a rush to the hospital or worse. So, whether you’re a beginner or pro, here’s just some of the equipment you need as part of your protective kit.

Get a Decent Helmet

This is one area where going cheap isn’t optional. Think about it this way, if you can buy the bike, you need to ensure you can afford an approved helmet as well. If you can’t afford both, start with a smaller bike, but don’t even cheap-out on the quality of your helmet.

For off-roading fun, it’s best to choose a helmet without a visor and get a set of goggles instead. You’ll want to ensure the helmet had passed the quality and drop tests as many of the cheapies actually shatter when you knock them really hard the first time, like falling on a sharp rock for example.

Even though you’ll be paying good money for a helmet, if you fall with it and kick it hard to a point where you say to yourself “thank goodness for the helmet”, it’s time to replace it.
Boots and Gloves

Just think about it, if go to you racing down a dirt road with sand and small sharp stones and happen to slip and small, your log just would be quite the same if it gets stuck between the bike and the road, right? Chances are the doctor would have to amputate. Oh, and ask your doc what hands look like as well.

Isn’t it just better to get decent motocross boots and avoid all the bloody mess? And no, we aren’t talking about your dad’s old safety boots with a steel tip or your mom’s winter gloves either. Choose boots that have hard souls and are made for motocross as they ensure everything from your ankle through to your toes stay together, even if you slide foot-fight into a sharp rock. Your hand require hardened knuckles and protective padding and help keep your fingers together.


Once your head and feet are covered, it’s time to take care of your back and chest with a decent set of body armour. There are many different types out there, each offering an excellent fit and are completely adjustable to your body style.

These are great for all falls as they give you the best protection when you fall at slow speeds against rocks or when you and slide for a good couple of meters.

Choosing the Best Gear for Off-Road