Corporations worldwide have implemented specialized programs or charities amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic, assisting various groups in their survival during this unprecedented period. The most recent corporation to announce a program that’ll help with limiting the spread is Ducati. They confirmed the Ducati Care Program had been imposed onto global dealerships, enforcing a series of protocols that must be met before reopening. This’ll drastically affect dealerships in the United Kingdom and Ireland, who’ve eagerly awaited opening since being closed in early March.

Current Pandemic Guidelines enforce online purchases only, with dealerships not slated to allow customers back into showrooms until social distancing measures are listed. The updated guidelines will be applied during this period, requiring that salesman and customers keep safe distances from each other. Masks, Disinfectants, Hand Sanitizers will also be required. It’ll help ensure that the coronavirus doesn’t spread throughout Ducati’s dealerships.

Memos released by Ducati Corporate to global dealerships iterated that additional precautions will be enforced, with those still being determined. Details on the upcoming regulations weren’t confirmed by Ducati Corporate, with inside sources from dealerships indicating that showrooms will be revised and selling interests could move towards digital platforms. Ducati Corporate provided these details to global dealerships after it was announced that the Borgo Panigale Manufacturing Plant had resumed production. Increased workforces are added daily, enabling for new 2020 Motorcycle Models to be released gradually.

Unexpected Views from Ducati

The Global Sales Vice President of Ducati provided insight to reporters on the updated guidelines. Francesco noted that globally this virus won’t disappear from our lives for two years and that the fallout will be considerably longer. The VP believes that everyone has to learn to live with the coronavirus pandemic, enforcing protection measures to limit the spread of this virus. Global civilians have often proven themselves incapable of staying indoors or practising social distancing, leading most in the motorcycle industry to think Francesco is incorrect.

Final remarks from the Vice President of Global Sales indicates that their guidelines and programs will ensure the safety of consumers when attending dealerships. However, this is something that Francesco can genuinely promise.

Ducati Cares Program Unveiled