North-West Passage Scenic Byway

This 220-mile ride follows the old pioneers, Lewis, and Clark’s route that they forged across North America so many years ago. Although today, it is a much easier road to follow, Lewis and Clark must have seen things long gone never to be seen again, but the beauty and scenery of this area are still there to be enjoyed. If this road is quiet, you can take a lazy, restful trip on good American asphalt and appreciate the surrounds. If you are so disposed, one can also enjoy hunting and river rafting.

San Juan Mountain Byway

Starting in Ridgeway, Colorado, Route 160 takes you to Cortez and then on Route 145 north to Telluride. At Telluride, one can hop off the bike for a while, fill up, get something to eat and carry on past Placerville, onto Route 66 and back to Ridgeway. All this is 233 miles long. The route will take you past and through some parts of the Rocky Mountains in South Western Colorado and see old, deserted mining towns, and lovely parks and forests. Visit hot springs along the way and take in the beautiful canyons and green valleys.

State Route 1

For a long, enjoyable ride, State Route 1 takes you along for 656 miles of magnificent scenes of golden beaches and forests. Also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, it is a most popular route – hence beware of other trippers eyeballing the scenery and not the road! It is a long journey, so take it easy, enjoy the view and arrive safely at the destination.

State Route 36

If you choose to stay off the very busy State Route 1, try another route. If you prefer to travel east to west, from Fortuna to Susanville, you will be able to enjoy the soaring mountains and see the awe-inspiring redwoods – the tallest trees in the world. The winding road demands careful riding as some of the bends are very sharp and obscured. This 400-mile road takes you past various national parks, lakes and the mountains give the Rocky’s the name of Little Switzerland.

Pig Trail Scenic Byway

Supposedly named after the wild pigs in the area, but more likely to be after the Arkansas Razorbacks who took this route to Fayetteville. The ride traverses Route 23 incorporating the Ozark National Forest, and this road has many off-shoots leading to exciting destinations. The journey is at its scenic best in autumn when the colour of the leaves is turning, and experienced riders and newbies can enjoy the roads. USA Today’s readers voted that this route which passes through the award-winning vineyards and goes on to and on to Ozark takes the first prize as the best in the USA.

Epic Bike Rides in the USA