Production lines for Ducati’s Borgo Panigale have been shut down for an extended period. This announcement was confirmed on March 13th, with the extensions slated to be enforced until March 25th. Ducati Inc is hopeful that Italy can recover from the coronavirus pandemic in that one week. Most medical experts would collectively agree this isn’t possible, with Italy experiencing the highest rate of death across the European Union.

Ducati Incorporated doesn’t have the governing authority to dismantle the production line shutdown. Italian government officials have implemented a public banning on mass gatherings, which extends towards production facilities. Those employees that have been permitted to continue working have undergone thorough screening methods every time they’ve entered and left their workplace. This nationwide lockdown has extended towards sporting events and entertainment venues, prompting the closure or notable football leagues across Italy on all levels.

Representatives from Ducati have explicitly noted that marketing and product development will continue, even as manufacturing has been halted. This means that permitted individuals have been allowed to keep their positions at Ducati by working from home. The Chief Executive Officer of Ducati, Claudio Domenicali, expressed his thanks towards the workforce that continually have put their best efforts during the countries most challenging moment in centuries. It’s for these reasons that Claudio has implemented security measures that ensure the necessary safety of employees when production lineups are re-opened. It should be noted that these measures are temporary, and that Ducati will begin operations by the latest of April 1st.

Reassurance was also provided to dealers and supporters of Ducati worldwide. Claudio expressed that they’ve been organising new strategies that will ensure a minimal period of downtime after production has restarted. Dealers won’t be forced to wait prolonged period before receiving their next shipments, which is beneficial with the recent release of the 2020 KTM.

Rossi Assisting Home Nation

One of the most notable motorcyclists from Italy has been assisting his home nation amidst the coronavirus. Valentino Rossi has made generous contributions towards multiple hospitals through Northern and Southern Italy, with only one being confirmed. The Marche Nord Medical Institution noted that Valentino Rossi provided them with an unspecified amount of money that’ll be used towards assisting those with the coronavirus.

Factory Shutdown for Ducati Employees