Those living in the United States and the United Kingdom have often shown their selfish behaviour throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These individuals have broken social distancing protocols for their benefit, attending outdoor locations or holding illegal parties, with thousand often present. Local UK news outlets highlighted new evidence of civilians cutting social distancing measures. It was revealed that two motorcyclists were issued fines under the Coronavirus Act, which follows after these Rochdale Riders were found travelling for non-essential reasons.

These individuals took their Yamaha XSR700 & Yamaha MT07 from Rochdale, which is located in the Greater Manchester Region, throughout the coastal side roads until reaching Whitby. Those familiar with this drive know that it’s more than 100+ miles, breaking the requirement of not travelling outside two miles of your home. When Whitby Law Enforcement located these two unnamed individuals, it was noted that their reasoning for the commute was to purchase fish & chips from the Eastern Coastal Town. This is nowhere near an essential requirement for living, prompting the immediate fine. It should be noted that Whitby Law Enforcement was the 1st to make this information public, with local news outlets making it viral within hours.

Whitby Law Enforcement provided insight into this manner with their social media posting. It was mentioned that the White Neighborhood Policing Team were responsible for this arrest. They’d been patrolling the A169 Jurisdiction before locating the two motorcyclists, who were flagged and researched via the UK Database. This revealed these individuals were from Rochdale and not Whitby. Both were sent home with an official policing guide, where they’d then be issued fines for breaching the national guidelines. A Corporal with Whitby PD noted that they were in the right place at the right time.

Total Fines

Civilians in the United Kingdom have continuously broken social distancing measures, forcing law enforcement nationwide to exceptional ten thousand individuals. This isn’t the maximum number of civilians violating the lockdown restrictions, with 200+ thousand incidents having been reported to law enforcement. When accounting for the associated cost of these fines, it’s not enough to concern those willing to break the lockdown restrictions. Those caught are fined a maximum of £60.00.

Fines Issued to Motorcyclists for Excessive Travelling