Financial burdens associated with the pandemic has forced changes to almost all sporting franchises worldwide, with partnerships sustaining decades being cancelled & new agreements being formalized. Motorsports have witnessed multiple changes for 2020, with MotoGP experiencing it’s latest through Gresini Racing. Gresini Racing issued announcements that they’re adopting an independent status for 2022.

Decades have passed since Gresini Racing entered MotoGP Racing, with the team never sustaining an independent status since 1997. This motorsport outfit entered MotoGP in 1997, racing as Honda’s Satellite team. Partnership agreements between Honda & Gresini were eliminated by 2015. That’s when Aprilia Racing contacted Gresini, formulating a new contract agreement.

Gresini Racing became the Factory Team for Aprilia Racing & held that placement for five years. Strategic alterations for Aprilia’s MotoGP future were altered after Covid-19 became an international pandemic. It’s been determined by leading personnel at Aprilia that a brand-new outfit is required. Italian engineers & mechanics are being employed with the updated version of Aprilia, which will arrive by 2022.

Announcements issued by Gresini Racing extended towards their continued placement in MotoGP. Confirmations were made that Gresini & MotoGP have signed an agreement that sustains the team’s station until 2026. Agreement details highlighted Gresini would become an independent outfit, which means engineers & mechanics will create competitive motorcycles without the assistance of third-party manufacturers. All development will be completed internally.

The 2020 MotoGP Campaign for Gresini Racing

Gresini Racing witnessed highs & lows throughout the 2020 MotoGP Campaign, with their primary driver receiving a prolonged suspension from Dorna Sports (Owners of MotoGP). Andrea Iannone was found guilty of using doping techniques to gain an advantage over the competition. Dorna Sports punished Andrea Iannone with a four-year ban. Appeals were made by Gresini Racing with the “World Anti-Doping Agency”, with all being rejected.

Luck was gifted to this motorsport outfit when Lorenzo Savadori & Bradley Smith replaced Andrea Iannone in various Grand Prix’s. Those drivers would perform better than Andrea Iannone without doping techniques. Details regarding which of these two riders is returning Andrea Iannone in 2021 hasn’t been revealed, meaning Alexis Espargaro’s partner still isn’t known. Whoever partners alongside Espargaro will become a formidable rival.

Gresini Racing Goes Independent for 2022 MotoGP Season