An unfortunate announcement was issued regarding the condition of Fausto Gresini, Team Boss of Gresini Racing in MotoGP. Team personnel confirmed that their leader has been hospitalized with Covid-19. Fausto being hospitalized marks MotoGP’s first known case that resulted in an ICU admission. Outcries of support have poured on Gresini Racing’s social media accounts, with fanatics mentioning their thoughts & prayers towards the health of Fausto.

Information regarding Fausto Gresini’s hospitalized condition wasn’t issued for 72-Hours. It was known he’d contracted the virus days before Christmas, prompting his immediate isolation & removal from participating activities with family. When symptoms appeared to worsen, hospitalisation for Fausto Gresini was issued on December 27th. Team personnel have clarified Fausto remains in positive spirits & believes he’ll recover from Covid-19. Details weren’t issued on which variant of coronavirus that Fausto is sustaining. It’ll be harder for the ageing leader to overcome Covid Variant VUI-2020/21.

Fausto Gresini received admission into the Imola Hospital, Santa Maria Della Scaletta. Medical care required for recovery forced Gresini into transportation from Imola Hospital to Carlo Pizzardi Hospital, Bologna. Treatment is being sustained in specialist wards, where conditional awareness of Fausto’s infection isn’t known publicly. Team personnel issued promises that guarantee’s updates on Fausto Gresini’s medical condition will be provided.

Times of Change

Fausto Gresini being infected comes at horrific times for the long-time team leader. Gresini Racing joined MotoGP in 1997, sustaining independence for 22 years before partnering alongside Honda-Aprilia. The last five years proved undesirable for Fausto Gresini, prompting the team owner & leader into returned independency. Under the possibility that Fausto doesn’t survive his Covid-19 symptoms, it’d be near impossible for subsequent leaders to retrofit Gresini Racing back to independency. Supporters mentioning their outcries on social media hope that Fausto will return & regain Gresini Racing’s former momentum, which dropped notably after partnering alongside Honda.

Gresini Racing Team Boss Hospitalized with Covid