The Harley Davidson Corporation has been expanding its products worldwide since 2017. New rumours indicate that Harley Davidson is acquiring a new market, with that being China. This information comes after the corporation greenlights the Harley Davidson 350, which resembles a similar product they previously released in this region. The 350” is meant to combat the Street 500, which was released in 2018. Consumers requested that a smaller motorcycle be released, allowing for riders to navigate the various small pathways and roads maintained in China. It’s anticipated that in the coming weeks, Harley Davidson will hold a press conference to announce the new model officially. Research regarding previous launches indicates that the Harley Davidson 350 will release in June 2020. Expect an announcement to be made in the Guangdong Province.

Specifications & Details

Harley Davidson is maintaining their classic colour scheme for this long-awaited traversal motorcycle. Individuals connected to employees at Harley noted that this motorcycle is named HD338 by factory standards, not by the HD350 for public knowledge. The alteration for its product name created enhanced security, ensuring that documents wouldn’t be publicly released. Unfortunately, this slight alteration wasn’t enough. This is why it’s known that the Harley Davidson 350 will maintain the Benelli 350cc Twin-Cylinder Engine. Furthermore, it’s supposed to shame the same chassis and braking components as well. These specifications come from several sources, which indicate that Harley-Davidson is only altering the suspension and body-work for the HD350.

Analysts have begun to speculate if the Harley Davidson corporation will launch this product in additional markets, with their best opportunities coming in nations like Italy and India. It should be noted that the Harley Davidson Street 750 has sold admirably in China, which extends to profitable sales with the Street 500. The only challenge that Harley Davidson faces going forward is competition with Benelli, who are slated to release two new models for the Chinese market in 2020. Regardless, the Harley Davidson 350 will be an incredible motorcycle for a reasonable price in the 2020 market.

Leakers provided additional details, where they noted that both the front and rear brakes would maintain discs, allowing for increased assistance when braking at fast speeds. The 350 also offers Dual Channel ABS, which is complement by the Pass Switch feature. All types manufactured in correlation with the Harley Davidson 350 will maintain tubeless tyres, providing better traction for cornering and braking. Subsequently, this model is correctly built to handle the Chinese environment.

Harley-Davidson 350 Debuting in June 2020