Dedicated supporters behind Harley-Davidson were disappointed to learn that two models are being delayed. This follows after manufacturing lines for Harley-Davidson have lost their workforces amid the coronavirus pandemic. Harley-Davidson clarified that these models would resume production & be released for 2021. The two models delayed include the Harley-Davidson Bronx and Pan-America. Disappointment amongst dedicated rides followed because both these models boast the updated “Water-Cooled HD Revolution Engine”.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced multiple changes onto the Harley-Davidson Company, with their Senior Management being altered drastically. Various members in Senior Management departed from the company amid the COVID-19 pandemic, concerned that decreasing profits would force Harley-Davidson into bankruptcy. These changes prompted the Rewire Plan & Harley-Davidson More Roads Program to be cancelled as well. Executives had hoped that these programs and loss of employees would be the minimal fallout. These individuals didn’t want to announce the delays on multiple models, let alone one.

It should be noted that multiple motorcycle manufacturers have faced unexpected closure during the novel coronavirus. BMW, Husqvarna, and KTM have all announced models that are officially cancelled. At least Harley-Davidson is only postponing the Bronx and Pan-America.

The Pan America

The Harley-Davidson Pan America supports multiple configurations, allowing bikers to customize this motorcycle to unique specifications. The baseline model supports a 1250cc V-Twin Engine that’s reminiscent of classic Harley-Davidson’s. Those wanting power that’s slightly more can purchase a 975cc Model in Q3 2021. Its design is traditional to the history of Harley-Davidson, with this motorcycle meant more for the experienced rider than a newcomer.

The Bronx

The Harley-Davidson Bronx acts as the little brother to the Pan America. It supported a 975cc Engine that maintains 70lb of Torque, with a maximum of 115hp. The V-Twin Water-Cooled Revolution Engine will ensure that long rides don’t consist of overheating. The Bronx also comes with an adjustable suspension, custom-built tyres, and four-piston Monoblock brakes.

Combining these attributes into one motorcycle creates a secure and reliable experience, which will most likely sellout when Harley-Davidson released the Bronx in 2021. Consumers will receive fast speeds down the straights, consistent handling in the corners, and additional control via specialized electronics in the motor. Traversing almost any landscape is possible with the Bronx.

Harley Davidson Postpones Two Models