The most recognizable motorcycle brand in North America confirmed its stance on the Black Lives Matter Movement. Harley Davidson confirmed through their social media page that their corporation doesn’t support or engage with racism in any manner. Solidarity behind a movement is unprecedented for the Harley Davidson Company, showing the status associated with supporting the African American Community. It should be mentioned though that company refusing solidarity with this movement have found themselves losing a large percentage of their customer base.

Harley Davidson went to both their Instagram & Facebook pages, making posts that indicate racism won’t be accepted at the Milwaukee Manufacturer. Representatives guaranteed that their brand stands with those wanting to defeat the world of racism. Some have been shocked by the sentiments issued with their company, potentially cutting them off from a more significant portion of their customer base. The image of Harley Davidson has supported Biker Gangs like the Hell’s Angels, who have been known to believe in racist ideologies. The company appears to have switched their operational mentality, sacrificing customers that aren’t willing to grow for those who already support the liberal mindset.

The official sentiments from Harley Davidson indicate that intolerance, hate, and racism won’t be supported in the workplace moving forward. This extends to their retail locations throughout North America. Acts of racism will be condemned on-site to help employees of African American descent, while also standing in solidarity with our African American riders.

The Requests

Made first through Instagram, their solidarity via social media continued with their profile picture turning entirely black. Large percentages of African American’s have expressed that social media postings don’t aid their movement. Providing donations to various charities, hiring more African American employees, assisting rural neighbourhoods, and making educational platforms more accessible is genuine aid.

Harley Davidson hasn’t issued funding for any of the conditions that African American Groups have requested, alongside countless other corporations. It shows that their genuine extent of solidarity doesn’t reach past social media. There’s a good chance that Harley Davidson will provide notable donations though, with the company having become enemies with Donald Trump. Doing anything that negatively impacts this foolish President benefits Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson Stands Behind BLM Movement