The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted multiple festivals & entertainment venues to terminate or postponement their events. It’s affected nearly every industry worldwide, with conferences & meetings also being cancelled or moving over to digital platforms like Zoom. It’s been announced that another venue has been forced to reschedule their events, with the High Pipe Motorcycle Festival announcing that a postponement has been enacted. Initially slated for July 17th to 19th, the new dates are targeted for November 6th to 8th. HPMF won’t be hosted in Wrightwood but instead more to the Stagecoach Trails in Julian, California.

The High Pipe Motorcycle Festival has continuously operated in Wrightwood, California. This Scrambler-Cycle Venue is changing locations for a single year, but fans are eagerly awaiting changes of scenery. The Stagecoach Trail starts in Julian but traverses multiple areas in California, one of the more picture-esc States in America. These locations include the Anza Borrego Desert, Laguna Mountains, and Cleveland National Forest. Riders will be provided with a magnitude of different terrains with their newest destination, including Asphalt and Gravel.

Organizers rescheduling the High Pipe Motorcycle Festival for November 6th to 8th confirmed that all planned events, features, and activities are remaining on the schedule. This includes camping throughout the first weekend of November, which is a time-honoured tradition for HPMF during the July 17th weekend. Though temperatures will be slightly colder than usual for campers, an atmosphere centred around fall camping is eagerly awaited by ticket holders.

Additional Events & Services for High Pipe Motorcycle Festival include:

  • Motorcycle Scrambler Test Riders.
  • Children Scavenger Hunt.
  • Drinking Games.
  • Ride-In Motorcycle Show.
  • Live Music.
  • Axe Throwing.
  • The HPMF Pie Eating Contest.
  • Concession Stands with Food & Alcohol.
  • Candy & Ice Cream Vendors.
  • Motorcycle Mob Runs.
  • Skill Courses for Testing.

Enthusiasts of this motorcycle festival were informed that if they’ve already registered for July 17th to 19th, their registration traverses over to the November 6th to 8th rescheduled dates. Representatives noted that confirmation & tickets could be used for entry to the Stagecoach Trails event. Those in North America that are unable to attend the High Pip Motorcycle Festival can witness these events on ESPN & TSN.

High Pipe Motorcycle Festival Postponed