No matter who you are, you’re going to fall into one of two categories if you’re thinking about getting your first motorcycle. The first group is for the people who know exactly what they want and have done a countless amount of research that they could be selling the bike, and the people who are so overwhelmed by the options that they have o idea what bike or even where to start.

No matter how you become interested in motorcycles, once you want to do it that feeling will never leave the back of your mind. However, you should never strive to be one of those people who buy their first bike based on a wild impulse. Or buy one because a few of your friends enjoy riding a certain name and style. Even trying to get into the bike riding life sounds like an odd sex health class with terminologies such as Fat Boys, nakeds, and crotch rockets. Despite how much information you may be taking in, there are a few ways that you can make more informed decisions before selecting a bike and wasting thousands on one that you don’t love.

The Starting Point

One of the best and worst things about people who may already know how to ride is them always wanting to give you advice based on their experience. Some people may go based off of what biking magazines tell them, what attracts the other people, and so much bias that it’s more overwhelming than going to the bike store itself. However, it’s not rather what bike looks the best or what anyone says. At the end of the day, you should be focusing on what are your goals with the bike.

Hands down, the type of riding you intend to do is the sole determination of what bike you should be getting. While that is the most important question, it’s the only that you may get wrong if you only want to ride for leisure – but who knows, maybe you would want to get into racing or just stay safe and do your short trips with your friends. After deciding this, it will help to begin to start searching for bikes that can do what you want and a bit more, get a feel for all of the different types of styles, which one looks comfortable and practical to you, etc. Honestly, this is one the best steps t narrow down your choices.

One of your best choices is to look at beginner bikes. They’re usually on the less expensive side and are perfect for people who have never laid eyes on a motorcycle of their own. Many companies are actually producing beginner bikes that will still make you feel as if you’re a pro on the streets – even if you only started riding last week.

No matter what though, never let your friends or the people at the bike shop make you feel as if you have to get on a brand new, high-powered, strong bike that going to overwhelm you. Biking is a hobby for most and takes it at your own pace.

How to Choose Your First Motorcycle