The 2020 MotoGP Championship has finalized after November 15th Valencia Grand Prix. The victor maintained a horrendous race but sustained a higher number of points, enabling his 7th placement to accumulate the required score for the championship victory. Joan Mir from Suzuki wasn’t thrilled with his performance at Valencia, which would prove his most challenging race of 2020. How the Grand Prix played out is symbolic of Suzuki’s history in MotoGP, with the team coming close numerous times to the constructor’s championship. After twenty years without winning a MotoGP season, Suzuki ended their losing streak in a manner that’d see six other passing the finish line before Joan Mir at Valencia.

Reporters with MotoGP spoke to Suzuki’s Joan Mir after the Valencia Grand Prix concluded, with the motorcyclist admitting that “Ricardo Tormo Circuit” made him suffer throughout the race & that he couldn’t explain what about the track evoked a change in driving capability. Joan Mir mentioned that his experience was nightmarish, creating challenges harder than any other seen in 2020. Sentiments from Joan Mir finalized by saying he’ll forget the Valencia Grand Prix and focus on Suzuki’s first championship in MotoGP.

Suzuki’s Joan Mir shouldn’t challenge his driving capabilities, with the champion maintains notable moments during the Valencia Grand Prix & still performing admirably overtakes competing drivers couldn’t stop that. Suzuki engineers guaranteed that whatever issued were experienced by Joan Mir will be solved before the next Grand Prix. It should be clarified that Joan Mir is the 6th driver in MotoGP to take the victory of the championship while competing under a Suzuki engine. It’ll historically be remembered that Joan Mir accomplished this task on the 60th anniversary of Suzuki entering motorsport racing.

It’s been an uphill battle for Suzuki Factory Team in MotoGP, which returned to the motorsport in 2015. Four seasons were taken for hiatus to evaluate Suzuki’s racing program, which followed after the horrendous season of 2011. Taking championship victory six seasons later at the same circuit is influential for Suzuki. It shows program directors that efforts for the last five years are beginning to pay off. Additional Champions under the “Suzuki Motorsport Racing Program” include:

  • Barry Sheene.
  • Franco Uncini.
  • Kenny Roberts Junior.
  • Marco Lucchinelli.
  • Kevin Schwantz.
Joan Mir Wins 2020 MotoGP Championship