Selecting motorcycles for travelling is becoming standard in unexpected markets, like the United Kingdom & Mexico. No nation sustained greater growth than India at 16.8% for 2020, with production volumes increasing in India at 40.2%. Largescale corporations adopting India into their strategic operations has created burst-bubbles, with thousands of employment opportunities arising & thousands of motorcycles being sold nationwide.

Multiple automotive manufacturers have announced their latest models for 2021, supporting exclusive models for Indian motorcyclists. The newest manufacturer releasing an updated two-wheel is KTM, who confirmed that the KTM 125 Duke is being upgraded for 2021. Motorcyclists throughout India adopted this motorcycle, with more than 50,000 sold last year. Higher volumes were seen in 2018, which prompted KTM Designers to renovate how the 125 Duke looks & performs. It should be mentioned this marks the first external design changes since 2016, with the 125 Duke Lineup starting it’s “Kiska Design” with the 1290 Super-Duke R.

Design & Performance Details

Images showcasing the “2021 KTM 125 Duke” indicate notable changes in styling. Body plans have been altered alongside the steel trellis frame & subframe, sharing similarities to other models released for KTMs 2021 lineup. Additional changes include an updated headlight, which supporters’ angular elements & daytime-running functionality support. The fuel tank has increased in size, with framework lining consistent with the headlights angular design. Premier steel body panels encapsulate the fuel tank, a significant upgrade from last years model, which support plastic panelling.

Riders shouldn’t anticipate manufacturing alterations with the KTM Duke 125, with this model supporting lower engine outputs & meant for beginning riders learning how to engage with motorcycles. KTM has a minimal opportunity in updating the internals without risking an easy setup for beginners. This means that the 125cc Single-Cylinder Engine returns with the standard 14.3 Horsepower.

Furthermore, lower costs associated with this motorcycle couldn’t be sustained with upgrades. Consumers have widely adopted KTMs 125 Duke because of it’s Rs 7,000.00 cost, which is $94.99 USD. It’s the perfect motorcycle for individuals supporting lower salaries in India, which has become an unfortunate reality with growing populations. Creating vehicles that cost Rs 7,000.00 means the average citizen can travel beyond eans of the foot.

KTM 125 Duke Updated for India