Reviewers have been quick to criticize the Lazareth Motorcycle Company, who typically manufacturer vehicles that aren’t meant for practical on-road environments. Instead of this company listening to those critics, they’ve doubled down on the abstract concept with the new Lazareth LM-410. Alterations have been made to the specifications and physical design of this model, with it sharing minimal similarities to the Lazareth LM-847. One of those key differences is the Yamaha R1 Engine, which was selected after Lazareth dropped Maserati in late 2019.

Those that purchase the Lazareth LM-410 will receive a four-wheeled motorcycle, which carries enough weight and sustainability to stand upright without any kickstand. This is because Lazareth knows those who purchase this motorcycle will want it for investment purposes. Standard customers with Lazareth use these vehicles towards movie production sets, photography shoots or commercial filming contracts. That’s why the LM-410 is one of the most stylish and scenic motorcycles created by Lazareth.

Motorcyclists wanting a unique ride don’t need to purchase the LM-410 for aesthetic purposes only, with this model providing street-legal access. Consumers in the European Union can buy this substantially expensive motorcycle under the “Bat-Pod” production name. This production code centres around the previous Bat-Motorcycle created by Lazareth for The Dark Knight, which became one of the most infamous and iconic vehicles in film history. Its predecessor will be more sustainable, with limited production available to ten units. This will make it appealing to some of the wealthiest individuals in the world, with consumers slated to be from Dubai and Barcelona.

The Cost & Special Editions

Those ten individuals wanting to purchase the Lazareth LM-410 will require a payment of $107,965.00 for the four-wheeled motorcycle. Some believe this France-based motorcyclist firm will maintain a bidding auction, specialized models. This could see the standard price tag rise by substantial valuations, reaching $1,000,000.00 or more. The Lazareth Motorcycle Company didn’t provide any details regarding potential customers for the LM-410, which realistically won’t be insured by an insurance corporation. This makes this vehicle more of a novelty than a Yamaha or Suzuki contender.

The Lazareth Motorcycle Company has created specialized models of their vehicles for a prolonged period. Most of these special editions are sold to significant Hollywood Production Houses like Universal Studios, Warner Brothers and Walt Disney Studios. They’ve become one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers for Hollywood, which has been prevalent since 2008 with The Dark Knight.

Lazareth LM-410 Review