MotoGP returns on July 17th with their first practice session since the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded worldwide. Riders are starting to arrive at the Jerez Circuit in Spain, with reporters questioning these men on their hopes for the 2020 Season. Marc Marquez gave an interview during shortened testing on July 14th, where he expressed that his excitement to return for the competition is undeniable. He’s promised to provide viewers with a fantastic show on July 19th when the Jerez Grand Prix begins.

This will be a particularly momentous season for Marc Marquez, who maintains six MotoGP driver championships. Two individuals outrank the Repsol Honda Driver, with one being Valentino Rossi, who acquired several tournaments before retiring. Giacomo Agostini is the 2nd rider to exceed Marquez with 8 MotoGP driver championships.

There’s a formidable chance that Marc will match the skillsets displayed by Valentino Rossi, with the Repsol Honda Driver provided two-benefits this season. The 1st was that COVID-19 prompted an additional four-month delay on MotoGP operations, which gave Marquez ample time to heal his shoulder injury. The 2nd benefit was the announcement of Valentino Rossi retiring from MotoGP, leaving no serious competition for Marquez in his 2020 stint.

Marc Marquez resumed Motocross training last weekend. After his first few laps proved to be off the pace, the six-time champion proved himself capable & regained his standard speeds. It’d led Repsol Honda & Marc Marquez to both clarify that strength in his shoulder doesn’t concern any longer. Both also mentioned that recent enhancements to the 2020 RCV has improved handling & will be considerably better in the corners starting at Jerez.

Marquez Thanks Repsol Honda

Repsol Honda received thanks from their champion driver on July 14th. He thanked all team personnel for assisting with their growth during the challenging times of COVID-19. Marc Marquez remarked that it’s his turn to resume work & entertain the entire team while putting on an excellent show for millions of fans worldwide. Marquez concluded his sentiments by saying it’s an honour to entertain MotoGP fans & provide them with some entertainment, that he’ll do whatever is required to obtain victory for supporters.

Marc Marquez Talks Upcoming MotoGP Season