One of the most significant announcements made at the end of the MotoGP 2019 Season was that Alex Marquez would replace Jorge Lorenzo. This announcement came after Jorge Lorenzo confirmed his retirement mid-season, which saw the sport lose one of their greatest champions in history. Immediately the Repsol Honda Team acquired Alex Marquez, who stands as the champion for Moto2. This marks the first instance that two brothers have driven for the same team. It’s known that this young racer plans on becoming the Top Rookie for MotoGP 2020, with him fighting for championship contention against his brother.

Throughout the post-season testing in Valencia, Alex received his first ride on the Honda RC213V. This occurred in November, with fans eagerly awaiting a potential announcement on the younger Marquez. Repsol Honda made a social media post on Instagram and Facebook, confirming that Alex would take a seat. However, it’s not known how long his contract with HRC will remain going forward. The challenge now is learning everything required with MotoGP, which must be accomplished throughout a small space of time.

The young Alex Marquez confirmed that he isn’t worrying about positions with his first few races. His goal at the beginning of the season is to understand the bike, build his confidence, and then begin fighting for contention. Considering that Alex Marquez hasn’t ever competed with these motorcyclists, it’ll be challenging for him to predict positions or overtaking opportunities for the first half of the season.

Alex Speaks with Reporters

Alex Marquez noted in recent interviews that his target after winning the Moto2 Championship was to receive a position with Repsol Honda. He expressed that Honda maintains a significant amount of history with the MotoGP paddock and that he will do everything in his power to perform admirably. Alex is lucky where he can learn from his older brother, the reigning champion for MotoGP. Marc Marquez could create a second legendary driver by assisting his younger brother.

Alex confirmed that Marc and himself would regularly engage in the garage. They both have their separate teams within Repsol Honda and must focus entirely on the situation at hand. However, this doesn’t mean that Alex can’t receive help from his older brother during other moments. Sporting analysts with MotoGP anticipate that Alex Marquez will be champion in five years, with the brothers regularly competing against one another. We will keep our readers informed on the growth of Alex Marquez in the 2020 MotoGP season.

Marc Marquez’s Brother Joins MotoGP