Those that watched motorcycling circuits in the 1970s new the name Marty Smith, he’d become one of the 1st motocross legends in North America. Those fans were disappointed to hear that both Marty & Nancy Smith had lost their lives earlier this week in a traffic dune buggy accident. The vehicle rolled multiple times, with those on-site believing head trauma would’ve prompted their deaths. This is one of the sadder deaths in motocross, with Marty Smith being one of the key individuals that made this motorsport accessible. He’d notably acquire three AHA National Championships during the 1970s.

The History of Marty

Marty Smith was one of the youngest motocross athletes in history, with the young teenager starting his career at fourteen in SoCal’s Carlsbad Raceway. He’d quickly become successful and acquire multiple podium victories, prompting the young start to become a factory driver with Honda Racing in 1975. Marty would be seventeen at the time, competing on the Honda RC125 and acquiring the 1st ever championship within the “AMA 125cc Motocross National Circuit”. He’d dominate this four-round circuit series and receive podium placement two times while earning 2nd in the additional two rounds. Throughout this period, Marty Smith would still obtain his high school degree and meet Nancy for the 1st time.

After acquiring championship victory in 1974, this young rider would become eighteen and defend his 125cc title throughout 1975. He’d gain victory in six of the several races while acquiring 3rd in the seventh because of technical errors in the pits. Marty Smith would also be known as the 1st American to defeat European Racers. Beating these European came at the “FIM 125cc United States Grand Prix”, which he’d inevitably accomplish twice back-to-back.

Marty Smith continued his domination over motocross, becoming the 1st teenage superstar in motorcycling history. He’d acquire hundreds of Grand Prix Podiums throughout the 190s, ultimately retiring in 1980 after a decade of riding. It followed after he had children and no longer wanted to risk his life. Our condolences to the Smith family for their loss, Marty will forever be remembered as the 1st famous motocross racer, who ultimately made this sport popular in North America.

Marty Smith Tragically Passes Away