Motorcyclists came together last weekend & collected €53,462.00 for COVID-19 Relief Aid Charity. It saw the most prominent name in motorcycling auction their gear, donating all funds acquired towards the Red Cross Charity. This group assists rural areas & nations that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Fresh Water, Food, Clothing, and Basic Necessities are being provided to those affected.

COVID-19 has affected billions worldwide, with these individuals being informed to remain indoors under any conditions. It saw businesses & largescale corporations to close their doors for the final time, with these individuals losing their positions. Rural nations aren’t equipped with assisting their communities during times of crisis, which is where the Red Cross comes into effect. These infamously supported millions for decades in multiple situations, including War & Natural Disasters. It’s why the Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation selected the Red Cross, with donated funds guaranteed to assist those in need.

The Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation represents noteworthy riders, including Marc Marquez. This champion racer enlisted the assistance of other motorcyclists from Spain, including Alex Rins. Dozens of other passengers donated their gear towards this charity & obtained the total funds of €53,462.00. A total of forty-three items were selected from 20 World Champions in different motorcycling circuits to receive these funds.

Highest Donations

Two motorcyclists generated nearly half the total valuation earned during this charity. It involved Marc Marquez, Alex Rins, and Manuel Casado. The first two compete in the 2020 Season of MotoGP & have become infamous athletes in Spain. Repsol Honda’s Marc Marquez donated his leather suit, which generated a €16,000.00 donation. Alex Rins donated his 2019 Racing Helmet & obtained €9,000.00 from charitable attendees. These two men alone acquired €25,000.00 from their two contributions.

The 3rd highest donation was made by Manuel Casado, the President of the Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation. He donated a Bultaco Sherpa 250 T. It’s a classic motorcycle that’s been driven by notable champions from history. Most were expecting this donation to obtain the highest revenue, with it instead earn €4,700.00. All additional funds were made from other items donated by champions from the past.

MotoGP Athletes Hold COVID-19 Charity