Sports betting is a big attraction for sports fans from around the world and those who want to make a quick profit by knowing something about an upcoming event.

It’s well worth knowing about the different types of MotoGP bets and how they work as this could reveal some new wagering options without making it complicated. Of course, you might even discover options with betting odds or some that offer specific bets that give you an advantage with a particular wager.

Below, we look at some of the options and see what it covered. We won’t go into a tremendous amount of detail as this is more of a beginners guide to MotoGP betting and the options available.

Race Winner

Race winner bets are the most standard and well known. You bet on the winner of the race, and the bookie will provide odds. There are also advanced betting types, including season winners, winning teams and much more.

These are work based on the odds of the racer or team winning the race. Bettors have the option to bet on qualifying as well, but for the best results, use the actual race and place your bets. Be sure to do some research and get the very best information before placing a bet as the track, team and racer would play a huge role.

Outright Championship

This is much like the race winner betting option, but here you wager on the racer who will win the entire season. The odds are usually massive for these bets and well worth your time. You have the option of placing the best before the season begins, after, halfway through or towards the end. However, the longer you wait, the lower the odds will be, which means you need to bet a lot more to score.

These betting options are great for those who know something about a team or those who get new drivers and think they’ll still win the season. Once again, research is vital, and you’ll need to ensure your money is on the team who stands the best chance.

Outright Constructors

This is where you get on teams instead of racers. For example, if you think Ducati will win 2019, then you can place a bet on them without having to wager on the races. This can be a challenging wager as some racers would do well, but the teammates doing and tend to pull the team points down. Other might not win every race, but both racers manage to finish well, giving them more points and eventually leading to the winning team for the season.

Live MotoGP Betting

This is new but extremely exciting for MotoGP fans. Bookies now make it possible to wager on certain events taking place while the race is on. This means you can bet on the race winner halfway through the race, who will finish is second, what will the gap be and so much more.

MotoGP Betting Options