Race season is just around the corner where we once again see the fastest and world’s best riders take to the track to claim the next MotoGP title.

Though it might seem a little early for accurate predictions, we can certainly look at the changes and see a few exciting possibilities on the rise. Firstly, the grid is decreased by two, presenting only 22 riders for 2019. The Yamaha Petronas team has been replaced by the Aspar team, which is a good thing as we see even more competition enter the field.

We even see some exciting changes to what some teams will be running, starting with Ducati who will only include the GP18 and GP19 class. Yet, we also see significant improvements to the GP18 bike, making it much better than the GP17. Furthermore, the Honda team introduces three of the new RC213Vs bikes and presents their 2018 model who will be raced by Takaaki Nakagami. Don’t be fooled into thinking he doesn’t stand a chance as he has already shown some of the fastest times. Giving us more than enough reason to believe the 2018 bike has what it takes to lead the grid.

Yamaha is also presenting three new machines to hit the track along with the rookie (Fabio Quartararo) using the 2018 engine, which as with Honda as proven to have what it takes to lead. Suzuki, on the other hand, is aiming for significant progress in 2019 as they provide three new machines, each offering significant improvements over what we saw in 2018.

Marc Marquez is the Most Likely to Claim the Title

It’s quite amazing what Marc has achieved so far. Especially when considering another title win would mean his 6th in MotoGP and 8th in all classes, which is brilliant, no matter how you look at it.

Viewers might be getting a little bored but we’re sure he is hoping for some new challenge in 2019, but there’s little doubt that he wouldn’t be the title holder once again. The only possible way we see a loss is if one of the new riders and bikes are merely better or if he gets injured. While the injured way wouldn’t be in his control, we don’t see it being likely, and if there is a better rider in 2019, he would have to be near perfect to keep up with Marc.

When we look at the Honda bike and how they’ve changed it from 2016 to 2017, we see significant improvements in both power and torque, thanks to the conversion of moving to a big bang from a screamer. In 2019, the engine has even more to give and Marc has already confirmed that he’s happy with the standard setup. Not only does this make it much easier for the team, but should some new rider come to challenge, there’s still a lot the Honda team can do to improve the bike even more.

MotoGP Predictions for 2019