This past weekend marked the fourth race in the 2019 MotoGP season, once again delivering great excitement as we see the most prominent teams take to the Circuit de Jerez.

It’s certainly been more exciting than F1 as the first place is still up for grabs by multiple teams, including Repsol Honda, Suzuki, Ducati and Yamaha. These four top teams manage to deliver excellent racing results with each of the four past events. For now, it’s Repsol Honda in the lead, followed by Ducati, but let’s have a look at the finishing positions for the last race and how they got to where they are now.

Spanish GP Results

The Spanish GP is always one with loads of excitement as it’s a challenging track and separates the pros. In first place, we once again see a Repsol Honda cross the fine at the checkered flag. It was Marquez who managed to gather another 25 points for the team with a total time of 0:41:08.685 second. His teammate Lorenzo only got in at a 12th place and added a total of 4 points to the team, which was one of the main reasons the gap between them and Ducati has decreased drastically. The other Repsol Honda riders finished in 8th with Crutchlow, 9th with Nakagami and 10th with Bradl.

Runs on the Suzuki wern’t far behind with a split of just 1.654 seconds behind the leader. He managed to grab 20 points for the Suzuki team with a second-place finish. However, they also didn’t do too well as J. Mir didn’t score any points for the team as he did not finish.

In third place, the Yamaha team manages to close the gap with Vinales scoring another 16 points for the team. Rossi also managed to contribute high points with a 6th place finish, adding 10 points. This means the team scored a total of 26 points for the Spanish GP, giving them a massive boost in getting closer to the top positions.

Finally, we get to Ducati who as a team would’ve gotten the highest points of the race if it wasn’t for Yamaha. Dovizioso got in at fourth place with just 2.804 seconds behind the leader, followed by his teammate Petrucci in fifth place to score 11 points.

Team Standings

This is where things get interesting as we see some significant changes in point differences between the most prominent teams after the last race.
In the first place, Repsol Honda managed to remain at the top now with a total of 76 points. They’ve managed to grab two wins in the 2019 season and four podiums, which is highly impressive.

Right on their heels is the Ducati team who currently have 70 points. They’ve managed to win one race, but it’s the three podium finishes that give them the boost to stay close to the leader and hold onto second place.

Just one point behind them is Suzuki with a total of 69 points, followed by Yamaha with 67 points. As you can see, of the top fourth teams, anything can happen, and the next race might give us a whole new layout and results.

MotoGP Spain Results