Now with two MotoGP races behind us, we can finally begin to predict what the season holds ahead. There have been some impressive times within the first two races, only again featuring the Ducati team neat the front while Rossi on the Yamaha isn’t allowing them to get ahead too far.

With the list of racers below, you’ll find some surprising results, which might make you reconsider the bets you’ve placed when it comes to choosing the season winner or even those who stand on the podium for the Circuit of the Americas and Spanish GP.

Qatar GP Results

When we look at the race results from the Qatar GP, we instantly see familiar names show up, including A. Dovizioso who managed to win the race and score 25 points. He finished in just 42:36.902 but didn’t have a massive lead as M. Marquez came in at only 0.023 seconds behind him to grab 20 points for the first race of the 2019 season.

In third place, we see the Honda team as C. Crutchlow finished just 0.320 seconds behind the leader, gaining 16 points. In 4th A. Rins on the number 42 Suzuki came in precisely 0.457 seconds behind Dovizioso and scored 13 points. Finally, in 5th position, V. Rossi on his ever-popular number 46 Yamaha finished 0.600 seconds behind the leader and got off to a fair start with 11 points.

Argentine GP

The Argentine GP featured unique results in comparison to Qatar, which is expected, but it certainly shines an entirely new light on what could happen in the races to come. In first place with a time of 41:43.688 we saw the 93 Honda raced by M. Marquez cross the line and score another 25 points. In second, V. Rossi made a comeback but only couldn’t keep up with the Honda as his 46 Yamaha finished 9.816 seconds behind the leader to score 20 points. In third place, A. Dovizioso grabbed 16 points for the Ducati team.

In fourth place, yet another Ducati appears as J. Miller finished 12.140 seconds behind the winning Honda to add 13 points and finally, in fifth place, A Rins once again seems in the top 5 with a time 12.563 behind the winner to claim 11 points.

Current Standings

It’s important to keep up with the total point standings after each race as you’ll see patterns forming, making it easier to predict, even if you don’t follow the sport closely. From the top 5 standings, things could still change drastically as only 25 points divide each of the racers and even 6th position with C. Crutchlow isn’t far behind with just a point behind D. Petrucci.

Currently, M. Marquez leads with 45 points, followed by A. Dovizioso with 41 points. V. Rossi is the first with a significant gap of 10 points as he appears in third with 31 points to his name. A. Rins has a total of 24 points, and finally, D. Petrucci has 20 points.

MotoGP Standings for Qatar and Argentine GP