It has been an action-packed season for MotoGP in the first three races of the season in 2019. We saw some incredible over-takings and even more exciting race winnings, keeping the score close as we move to the next race of the season.

Up next is the Spanish GP, which takes place on the 5th of May 2019. We once again expect to see some amazing racing as the current leaders take to the track to see if Ducati, Yamaha of Suzuki claim the highest points for their team.

Below, we look at the current standings and how the team got to the top five positions. Unlike F1, the teams are close in points with just 39 points diving Ducati in first and KTM in fifth place. Sure, the gap is rather big if you’re hoping KTM would reach first by the end of the season, but if both racers had to claim first place and second place for a few races, it’s entirely possible.

Current Team Standings

Ducati has once again been the shining stack of 2019 so far. They hold onto the top ranks with a total of 57 points. The team manages to claim three podium finishes and even a win. However, they’ll need to keep going strong and remain at the front to take the win for 2019.

Right behind them, we see the Repsol Honda team who are currently holding onto second place with six points dividing them and the leaders. When we look at the winnings, we see a similar record to Ducati with three podium finishes and a single race win.

Yamaha has never been far from the top and has managed to change things around many times in the past, especially with Rossi on the team. They are currently tied with the Repsol Honda team at 51 points and manages two podium finishes. In the first three races, they haven’t managed to claim a win just yet.

Suzuki is the last team to hold high numbers with a total of 49, one win and one podium finish. They are only two points behind both Yamaha and Repsol Honda, giving them more than enough reason to fight for a top three season finish.

KTM might be in fifth place of all the teams, but they manage to deliver amazing results. Thus far, we haven’t seen a podium finish or a race win and they currently have 18 points in total.

While KTM and the rest of the teams are unlikely to catch up to the top four in 2019, we look forward to seeking how the leads take to the track and claim their positions. The Spanish GP is also most likely to reveal who has second and third place as we see both Yamaha and Repsol Honda at 51 points, which is bound to lead to excellent race action.

MotoGP Team Standings