Excitement is growing amongst the MotoGP Grid, with these motorcyclist racers looking forward to the upcoming Algarve Circuit. It’ll be a first-time experience for those that’ve exclusively driven under the MotoGP banner and will genuinely test their skillsets. Located in Portugal, the Algarve Circuit is infamous for being the best motorcyclist track worldwide. It’s designed specifically for the usage of high-performance vehicles, outweighing Silverstone in its capabilities to sustain revolutionary Grand Prix’s.

MotoGP drivers learned that Algarve Circuit in Portugal would be the “Finale Grand Prix” for the 2020 Season on August 10th. Known for its difficulty, this track is commonly associated with the World Superbike Championship. Only two competitors on the MotoGP Grid have competed with WSC, with these individuals being the most excited for the 14th round of the 2020 Season. It’ll be a one-time opportunity for MotoGP Drivers, with the COVID-19 Pandemic forcing Dorna Sports to relocate their final race.

Portugal hasn’t been a selected country with MotoGP since 2007, and likely won’t be again after 2020 for another five or ten years. That’s because contracts from 2019 were re-signed for the upcoming decade, with COVID-19 derailing specific locations for a single season. This included “Gran Premio Motul de la Comunitat Valenciana” in Valencia, which typically hosts the finale round for MotoGP. Their organizers confirmed that this wouldn’t be possible in 2020 following the COVID-19 Pandemic. Dorna Sports selecting Portugal’s Algarve Circuit has been highly welcomed amongst the drivers.

Cal Crutchlow’s History at Algarve Circuit

Tech3 Yamaha Racing employed Cal Crutchlow in the 2008 & 2010 World Superbike Championship Seasons, where the two parties would compete at Algarve Circuit in Portugal. Cal Crutchlow also competed under the World Supersport Championship with Yamaha’s Factory Team in 2009, where they’d find the formidable pace at Algarve.

Ten years have passed since Cal Crutchlow last competed at Portugal’s Algarve Circuit in Portimao. He’ll take his knowledge of this circuit & apply it towards MotoGP’s upcoming finale. Crutchlow hopes that with his added experience he’ll acquire LCR Honda a top placement. However, Cal understands that it’ll be more challenging this time around at higher speeds & upgrades to the track. This isn’t deterring Crutchlow from testing the limited of Algarve during Practice, Qualifying, and the official race.

MotoGP’s Cal Crutchlow Talks Algarve Circuit