The COVID-19 Pandemic inflicted numerous changes onto how society engages in the United Kingdom, with former markets that dominated in the Pre-COVID Era now falling & industries that saw minimal growth are now increasing their valuations in the Post-COVID Era. One such industry is motorcycles, with the two-wheeler becoming more desirable amongst commuters for the associated cost. Maintaining motorcycles in the United Kingdom means lower insurance rates and cheaper mileage of petrol. However, an influx of sale volumes has led towards a national shortage of available stock.

Statistical data revealed for July 2020 indicates that the sales of motorcycles increased by 41.9%. Information was evaluated against the same period in 2019, showing an immediate demand for motorcycles in the COVID-19 Era. Statistical data was also given by scooters & powered two-wheelers, with the growth behind scooters behind 56.6%. PWTs saw the lowest increase at 37.5%.

Statistical data being given for July 2020 showed a back-to-back monthly growth for the UK motorcycle market. Development first began when Prime Minister Boris Johnson implemented the Coronavirus Lockdown. The British Prime Minister didn’t allow for SUVs, Sedans, and Trucks to traverse the UK amid the Lockdown. He did allow for two-wheeled vehicles to be maintained with their single-operator system.

The initial lockdown month for the UK’s Lockdown saw used motorcycles increase by 44.5%, with new motorcycles sustaining at 8% growth & the Honda PCX125 reigning supreme as the highest-selling vehicle in Great Britain during COVID-19. It should be mentioned that scooters saw growth margins at 43.1%, which means that collectively over June & July, there was nearly a 100% growth on scooters.


All percentages issued regarding the growth of two-wheeled vehicles come from the Motorcycle Industry Association. The MCIA evoked that unsurprised with registrations increasing to such heights, with people still needing to travel during COVID-19 for a multitude of reasons. The MCIA also mentioned that the United Kingdom is returning to its roots by adopting motorcycles back into their daily commute. For anyone considering purchasing a two-wheeled vehicle in the United Kingdom, understand that CBT Courses are required, as is the A1 Class License.

Motorcycle Sales in UK Rise by 41.9%