Even though the 2019 MXGP hasn’t started, we see some interesting developments that still includes last year’s results.

While most look forward to the racing season with new classes forming and professionals making shifts to other markets, looking at results from other races and the results of last year tells a tale that might just have you questioning the leaders of the upcoming season.

KTM Team Gains Excellent Results at Internazionali D’Italia

With podium finishes for the KTM team in three classes at the Internazionali D’Italia, we look for incredible results in the MXGP season ahead.

The racing included a title win for Tony Cairoli who manages to impress with his KTM 450 SX-F while Jorge Prado did the same in the 250 class with his KTMSX-F. Even the new rider, Tom Vialle who is doing his debut for the Red Bull KTM team managed to claim a podium finish.

Each of these riders now look forward to the 2019 MXGP, which is set to begin on the third of Mach, just a couple of weeks away. With such impressive results, the KTMs are well worth keeping an eye on for the year ahead as the team clearly has some type of advantage, which could just be the riders they’ve got!

When you look at the amazing record of Prado, it’s easily seen that this isn’t just another rider in the track as he managed to dominate the MX2 series, finishing at least 20 seconds ahead of the next racer. On top of that, he managed his third podium finish in Superchampione, putting this Spanish MX champ at the peak of the racing season ahead.

Cairoli certainly managed an impressive range of results as well, which dates back to 2010 when he claimed the first Lombardia title at Mantova, which goes perfectly with his eleventh senior title in the world of MX1. Last week, he managed to be among the stars again with his third position in the Superchampione, making him yet another force to consider with the season ahead.

Finally, we get to Vialle who is forming part of the MX2 class for the Red Bull KTM team for 2019. At Montova, he managed to get the team a third position in the 250 four stroke class. Furthermore, Vialle delivered an amazing top six with the Superchampione races, setting him up for success in the year to come.

Team Italy Gets Disqualified for 2018

The final results of the 2018 season are changing as Team Italy find themselves disqualified and stripped of the title.

Now, more than three months later, an announcement on the 29th of January revealed the results of random fuel samples taken from the racers. It shows that Michele Cervellin did now have a mixture within the regulations and will, therefore, be removed from the race results and disqualified from the MX2 for 2018.

What’s even worse is the entire team being disqualified, not just the rider. 

MXGP News for February 2019