CCM has unveiled the new Stealth Series. This series includes three updates models of motorcycles currently available in their lineup. Fans of CCM Motorcycles can now purchase the 2020 versions of the Bobber Stealth, Foggy Stealth and Six Stealth. All models have been blacked-out, with upgrades to include bronzed-out frames. The paint jobs and accent stripes are glossed, with the forks being manufactured by Marzocchi. Those who purchase any of the three models receive a black seat with yellow stitching from Alcantara, with four-pot brakes from Brembo. The combination includes three new motorcycles that provide an elegant and fierce look that will surely be a desired product for the 2020 market.

Those accustomed to the Bobber will notice that the Avon Cobra Whitewall Tyres have been upgraded for a blacked-out version, keeping in theme with the Stealth design. The CCM Six Model has lost its spoked rims, moving to machined rims for the Stealth addition. Both the Stealth Six and Bobber cost an additional £500.00. This means that both models will cost more than £11,000.00 after taxes. Selecting the Stealth Foggy, as opposed to the standard edition of the Foggy Lineup, will cost consumers £12,500.00. It should be noted that CCM Motorcycles are hand-built and require prolonged periods for full development. Below we have provided the visual specifications for all three motorcycles in the 2020 Stealth Series.

Bobber Stealth Specification

The Bobber Stealth is designed with a blacked-out paint job, to the exception of the Bronzed Chrome Frame. The fuel tank, headlights, cowls and mudguards are blacked out with glossed-out black paint. There are also detailed bronze stripes that increase the intensity of the design. The only colour provided outside of black and bronze is the titanium grey anodizing.

Six Stealth Specification

The Six Stealth is similar in visual design to the Bobber Stealth. The frame is coated in bronze chrome powder, with the fuel tank and headlight cowls detailed with bronze stripes on a glossy black coating. This extends to both the front and back mudguards. The machined wheels support black rims and hubs, with the Alcantara Seat being black with yellow stitching. The Marzocchi Forks are presented in bronze, with the blanking plugs and logos designed with black anodized paint. This creates an ominous design that’s appealing to any biker.

Foggy Stealth Specification

The Foggy Stealth shares identical design specifications to the Bobber Stealth and Six Stealth. Consumers can expect the same glossy black paint with detailed bronze stripes, with the Foggy Stealth sharing the Titanium Grey Anodized Paint. The significant difference received when purchasing the Foggy Stealth is its increase in size, with this model acting more like a cross-country motorcycle than a city or highway bike.

New Stealth Series Unveiled by CCM