Motorcycling, as an industry, is changing drastically with the slow removal of gas and diesel-powered motorcycles. There has been a tidal shift towards electronic-powered vehicles worldwide, including the motorcycle. One corporation that’s looking to get an early start on the competition is Segway, who has released multiple new models throughout 2019. Now the company is expanding those models through their subsidiary Ninebot, who are creating newly reformed motorcycles that could work in any environment.

This information was released earlier this month at the Consumers Electronic Show. This conference is typically designated for products like mobile phones, television sets, personal computers, and video game consoles. The arrival of Ninebot with Segway marks the first time that CES had a motorcycle showcase. Two models were displayed, including an Electronic Motorcycle and Scooter. The cycle resembles a sports-action bike, with it being named the Apex Concept. The design for this concept vehicle more resembles a Ducati or Yamaha than it does previous iterations from the Segway Corporation.

Limited Details

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many details provided over these two upcoming vehicles. However, it’s known that the Electronic Scooter will be the fastest in its category, reaching speeds of 125 mph. Segway and Ninebot confirmed that this scooter would make sixty kilometres in 2.9 seconds, which will rival the pace of their motorcycle. Subsequently, this marks the two fastest products ever released by this company, with representatives confirming that additional information will come in the following days.

The Apex Motorcycle resembles its scooter counterpart in terms of specifications. It features a white-painted colour scheme with a small-scale battery under the driver seat. Maximum distance varies between 60 to 80 Miles, depending on how charged the motorcycle is. Weighting on the electronic scooter drops this distance to 55 to 60 miles, which is familiar with this form factor. Unfortunately, both of these motorcycles just entered the final stages of internal development. Production isn’t estimated to begin until March 2020, with pre-orders being accepted now. We recommend that our readers don’t invest in Segway’s new products until industry critics review their electric vehicles. There’s always the concern that first-time entrances into a market could result in physical failures.

Ninebot Unveils Electronic Motorcycle