Choosing the Best Gear for Off-Road

Hopping on your off-road bike is a lot of fun and allows you to discover all types of brilliant roads that only few others have found in the past. It doesn’t matter where you stay, and there’s always a place where you get to have the back wheel slide out as you kick up some dirt for an awesome day of fun.

While it’s all fun and games, it’s important to remain respectful of the powerful machine and understand it’s a dangerous sport that could lead to serious injuries without trying too hard. The kit you wear is by far the most important as this is what protects you from hitting your head on a rock or going straight into a branch that smacks on your chest.

We all want to have fun on the bikes, but the last thing we want is to end it with a rush to the hospital or worse. So, whether you’re a beginner or pro, here’s just some of the equipment you need as part of your protective kit.

Get a Decent Helmet

This is one area where going cheap isn’t optional. Think about it this way, if you can buy the bike, you need to ensure you can afford an approved helmet as well. If you can’t afford both, start with a smaller bike, but don’t even cheap-out on the quality of your helmet.

For off-roading fun, it’s best to choose a helmet without a visor and get a set of goggles instead. You’ll want to ensure the helmet had passed the quality and drop tests as many of the cheapies actually shatter when you knock them really hard the first time, like falling on a sharp rock for example.

Even though you’ll be paying good money for a helmet, if you fall with it and kick it hard to a point where you say to yourself “thank goodness for the helmet”, it’s time to replace it.
Boots and Gloves

Just think about it, if go to you racing down a dirt road with sand and small sharp stones and happen to slip and small, your log just would be quite the same if it gets stuck between the bike and the road, right? Chances are the doctor would have to amputate. Oh, and ask your doc what hands look like as well.

Isn’t it just better to get decent motocross boots and avoid all the bloody mess? And no, we aren’t talking about your dad’s old safety boots with a steel tip or your mom’s winter gloves either. Choose boots that have hard souls and are made for motocross as they ensure everything from your ankle through to your toes stay together, even if you slide foot-fight into a sharp rock. Your hand require hardened knuckles and protective padding and help keep your fingers together.


Once your head and feet are covered, it’s time to take care of your back and chest with a decent set of body armour. There are many different types out there, each offering an excellent fit and are completely adjustable to your body style.

These are great for all falls as they give you the best protection when you fall at slow speeds against rocks or when you and slide for a good couple of meters.

Why the BMW F800GS is the Best

The BMW adventure series has grown to include multiple models, starting off with just the 650GS and the 1200GS you now have access to a much large variety. The 650 now comes in the new F700GS, which might be consider more of an on-road bike, but it still carries the off-road abilities of its older brother. The 1200GS remains the monster it’s always been, deliver 125bhp and having all the abilities you want from an adventure bike.

The manufacturer also introduces the F800GS, completing with the 1000cc bikes from other brands and simply smashing them all with one of the best designs that deliver the ultimate in adventure opportunities, in ways even better than the 1200! So, what makes the F800GS so good and why doesn’t BMW create a 1000cc adventure bike?

The F800GS Is the Companion for all Adventure

The 1200GS has always been somewhat intimidating to most who seek adventure bikes. It’s huge and doesn’t seem all that easy to get though tight spaces. Although, it really impresses with what it can do, but what BMW introduces with the lighter and taller 21” wheel F800GS simply calms all those concerns without substituting much on the power and ability of the 1200.
With just about all adventure riders being able to get through more places with the 800, how can you not want it more than the bigger 1200?

One of the biggest changes from the 1200 in the bigger and comfier seat that allows you to travel all day, but with 800 is far from uncomfortable and still sits much better than most competitors. The older F800GS also lacked the huge fuel tank, but with the introduction of the F800GS-A, you now get the same incredible distance, thanks to a massive 24-letre tank.
With the bigger tank beneath the seat, it’s no wonder BMW beefed up the front of the bike as well. Not only making it a little wider, but also including the bottom crash frame as well. Some would look at the wider bike and not be a fan but go ride it in rainy weather to discover just how brilliant this design is.

Those who’ve had the pleasure of living with the older F800 for a while would know it gets a little vibrational above 120km/h as the gearing on the bike is rather low to give it that additional grunt while off-road. The new bike has the same excellent off-road features but comes with another 33lbs that allows the vibrations to be a lot less and much better for long distance riding.

Then there are also small touches that enhances the benefits of the bike beyond believe. The throttle features a drive-by wire that makes it incredibly sooth, no matter whether you’re on-road, off-road or just in some sticky situation. Talking about those tight corners and stick spots, with a steering lock that’s 7% steeper than your average adventure bike, getting around objects, turning around or just knowing the option is there certainly makes a massive difference.

Beginners Guide to Helmets

There are basically three categories of helmets, including cheap, mid-range and the expensive range. While each of these have their benefits, there are a few things you’d need to consider when buying your first helmet, which isn’t all about going for the most expensive or the best looking, but rather the safety features and the testing the helmet survives.

The cheaper helmets are of course the most popular as the cost less and seem to do the same thing, right? Not exactly, especially not when you consider the different shapes and exact sizes that might work best for your head. Firstly, the cheaper helmets don’t really cater to different head shapes as they are mass-produced on the most common shape, which is round. Someone who has an oval head won’t feel comfortable with these helmets, and they won’t get the same level of safety from the helmets during an accident.

Cheaper helmets also don’t go through the same testing and aren’t approved, meaning you don’t have any idea just what this helmet might do in case of an accident. When you read up about helmets, you’ll find many cases where it actually just bursts on impact, leaving you without a helmet at all. Therefore, it’s important to choose a helmet that has been tested in multiple ways such as the SNELL certification, which comes at a higher price as those tests are expensive and the manufacturer had to take the time and research to create the helmet to pass the tests.

Get the Right Size

It is important to remember that each helmets model and brand has its own distinctive way of fitting. Therefore, it is not as simple as ordering a helmet online and using it no matter how it fits. Once you have found a helmet that passes or the safety tests, you need to measure your head and the shape of it to ensure you’re getting the best possible fit.

To measure your head, ask a friend to help you with a soft tape measure and measure around the biggest part of your head, which would usually be about an inch above your eyebrows. Be sure to check the size according to the specific helmets as manufacturers don’t provide the same size for all helmets. In some cases, your size might be a medium while in others it might be large.

Once you have the right size, you need to consider the show of your head as this will ensure a secure fit, which is important as you wouldn’t want too much space around your head. Once again, you can ask a friend to look at your head from above to determine the shape. Most are oval heads, meaning your head is longer back to front than it is side to side.

Once you have these measurements, you can head over to the bike shop and try a few helmets on. The dealer would also be able to assist with sizing and give you more tips on how it should fit. Be sure to purchase a helmet with better ratings and one that doesn’t fit too tight, but also can’t slide around.

Best 250cc Bikes for 2018

The 250cc class is a great choice for riders who need something bigger than a 125cc or 200cc, but also don’t want the huge amounts of power that 500cc and up bikes have to offer. Many manufacturers have made the shift to not only providing 250cc bikes but also slightly bigger models such as the 300cc options.

While these bigger models still provide the fundamentals of a midrange motorcycle, they give you just that edge, especially when it comes to keeping up with traffic on motorways.
Luckily, there is a perfect option for all rider styles, making this section a brilliant starting point for just about everyone. Below, we look at some of the best midrange bikes available, not only including the sport bike range but also many other categories.

Best from Yamaha

Some of the very best small capacity motorbikes come from Yamaha. And there are multiple options choose from in this category, making them one of the leaders when it comes to the midrange bikes. Of course, they are also a big player in larger bikes and keep their level of reliability to a standard few can compete with.

In the sport bike range, they offer the YFZ-R3, which runs in the 250cc range with an engine of 321cc. It’s a twin cylinder motor that provides an impressive 41HP. The great thing about this bike is that it still offers the same styling as the bigger R6 and even R1 models, and since it has a slightly bigger engine, it really delivers the power you would expect from a sportbike. At the same time, it is manageable for new riders and it comes with the best optional extras, including ABS.

If you are more interested in a classical motorcycle style, look no further than the Yamaha V Star 250. Representing a similar riding style to the Harley davidson’s, the V Star appears as a great option for those who just want to cruise comfortably. Its hearty motor delivers 22HP, giving it more than enough power to have fun with. Sure, it might not keep up with the R3 mentioned above, but in this class, it’s not all about speed, but comfort as well, in which case the V Star is the better choice.

What Honda Brings to the Table

As with Yamaha, Honda also delivers an impressive range of small cylinder motorbikes that provide more than just one option and a great selection of cruisers, sport bikes and even touring options. Once again, these bikes are extremely reliable and don’t cost KTM and Ducati prices to maintain either.

Keeping to the classical style, we look at the Honda Rebel 300 that takes classical bikes to a whole new level with a matt black finish. It also impresses with a 286cc engine that delivers 24.4 hp, which ensures you don’t only get to your destination in style, but you also have the resources to make it an enjoyable journey.

The Honda CBR range is their most popular and also includes a smaller option for new riders. Once again, the sport bike comes with a bigger 300cc engine and delivers an additional edge with just over 30 hp. The Styling flows in perfectly with their bigger CBR bikes, making this smaller bike look and feel a lot faster than it should be.

The Best Motorcycle Exhausts for 2018

If you are looking for the ultimate motorcycle exhaust that money can buy but you, unfortunately, don’t have the time to spend on research, we got you covered. We did the necessary legwork by reviewing what buyers and specialists had to say on various exhausts that are currently on the market today. Below, you will find the top-rated exhausts for 2018.

Yoshimura RS-5

If you are searching for a model that features a trapezoid-shaped sleeve, the new Yoshimura RS-5 is the perfect exhaust for you. It comes with a truly appealing design and captures the spirit of racing. When purchased, the exhaust also comes with a variety of additional items, including a tailpipe, muffler clamp, and short springs along with an insulator, bolts, and nuts. You will also get adhesive heat shield, a muffler clamp insulator, and an aluminium fender bracket. Current price is around $494.

Yoshimura TRC Race

This is another product from Yoshimura that you will definitely fall in love with. This incredible model from the company performs best when used during races. The item boasts with a tri-oval design, including a low-volume insert as well as a cone-shaped end cap. This model also comes equipped with a laser-etched heel guard which is both highly functional and sleek looking. You will also receive all the necessary items to make installation a breeze. Current price is around $621.

Yoshimura TRC-D

This phenomenal model from Yoshimura is bound to catch your attention with its dual under-tail configuration. It comes equipped with a tri-oval shaped sleeve as well as a dual-outlet end-cap made from carbon fibre. The unit also features a large volume of material along with a straight baffle for ample-flow. It also comes with a stainless steel pipe that is highly regarded in the motorcycle industry. Current price is around $950.

Akrapovic Yamaha YZF-R6

This is another brilliant item that you need to consider when looking for a new exhaust. The item features slip-on megaphones in the design, offering a remarkable balance between the price and the performance. It also delivers enormous power, contributing to the torque increase over and above the RPM range. It’s also might lighter than other exhausts as the mufflers are made from titanium. Current price is around $270.

EMGO Chrome

This muffler is 12 inches in length which can be used on either the left or right side. It also comes with a reducer set for 1 ¾ or 1 ½ inch pipes. In addition, the outside diameter measures at 2 3/8 inches. Prior to placing an order, please note that each end of the EMGO Chrome muffler has a different size. The mounting bracket is adjustable and can also be rotated. Unfortunately, it does not come with additional clamps. The current price is around $32.

JFG RACING Universal

This is another mind-blowing model that is worthy of both your time and money. The body is constructed from stainless steel and is beautifully covered in carbon fibre vinyl. It also features a removable DB killer delivering sensational sound effects. It can be used on dirt bikes, scooters, and street bikes. The current price is around $100.

Best Beginner Bikes

Motorbikes are available in various styles, and each offers a unique riding experience. We all started with the dream to ride, which was most probably caused by a bike you’ve seen that you’d love to ride. Sure, most fall in love with the high-performance sport bikes, but there are actually many other forms of writing to choose from.

The great news is, it doesn’t matter what form of riding you’re into as there’s a range of beginner bikes to get you started. Below, we look at some of the best bikes for each bike category, giving you a broad range to choose from and get the best possible start.

Sport Bikes

Sport bikes are the most desirable as they are fast, look great and always come in bright colours. However, the most attractive part of them is the awesome power and aggressive riding style.
This class has a broad selection to choose from as most superbike manufacturers introduce various started bikes with the range. Most start as small as a 125cc but isn’t really an option if you’re anything over 18. Even at that age a 250 is sure to better as it just has that little more power to keep you from falling behind in traffic.

With the sportbike class, you can’t go wrong with the Honda CBR 250 and the bright green 250 from Kawasaki. There are also a number of great choices with Yamaha, including the R25 that’s become a popular choice.

You wouldn’t want to start with a big 600 or 1000 in this class as the bike is a lot heavier and of the power can be overwhelming. To really build up a profile with sport bikes, be patient, start small and have fun.

Adventure Bikes

The touring bikes yet a great bike for just about any rider as it offers great comfort looks good and have the power and thrill we all desire. There are many touring options, and the great news is, you don’t really need to start as small as a 250 on these.
In fact, if you’re all grown up, the best place to start would be with a 650 as these bikes tend to be the long-haulers that need to be comfortable and offer relatability. There are once again many options in this class, including the popular Triumph Tiger 800, KTM 690, Kawasaki KLR 650 and even the popular BMW GS 650.


If all you want is a bike that’s fun to ride, handles the long road well and looks cool, then you can’t go wrong with a cruiser. There are so many bikes to choose from, each offering great advantages, big power and sound that makes the hair raise of the back of your neck each time you open the taps.

Of course, most would go for the Harleys, including the 750 Street, but there are also many other choices, including the Triumph Speedster, Honda CTX 700 and the well-known Suzuki Boulevard. Buying of these bikes as a beginner is a great option as they tend to last for years before you even think about getting something new.

Best Top Speed Bikes

The dream of riding one of the fastest bikes in the world lives within all of us, especially to experience that thrill of reaching one-hundred and plenty miles per hour on an open road with no cops around.

If the opportunity ever presented itself, what you want to right? Would you want the bike with the biggest engine and most power and the one that looks the best and goes the fastest? Well, the choice is yours and to help you decide, here are some of the fastest motorbikes in the world.

Dodge Tomahawk

As the world’s fastest production bike, it’s rather surprising that only 9 of these monsters have sold. It features a mind-blowing 8.3 litre V10 motor from the Dodge Viper SRT 10 and produces 500 HP. To handle this amazing power, the bike has four wheels, two in the front and the other two at the back, which are spaced closely together, giving the Tomahawk the ability to reach 60 miles per hour in just 1.5 seconds all the way through to a top speed of 420 miles per hour.

Kawasaki H2R

Now we get to a bike that’s become a hero in the bike world and is known as the fastest 2-wheeled production bike in the world. The H2R manages this incredible 300 HP power and a top speed of 249 miles per hour from an engine with 998cc. The benefit of the singe and comes in with the special super charging tool that helps it run to incredible speeds. To get this power to the road as quickly as possible, it also features a 6-speed god-ring gearbox for super fast shifts.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R

When you consider the second and third place of those lists, it is easy to see Kawasaki is aiming to hold the speed demon reputation in the motorbike world. Here we have the XZ 14R that was one of the first bikes to introduce a 1400cc engine into a bike. It comes with the same bright green colours, which expected to look like a green blur as if flies by at speeds of up to 208 miles per hour. It is driven by a 1441cc engine that produces over 197 BHP. Even though it is quite a big bike, it still manages to reach 60 miles per hour under 3 seconds while 120 miles per hour can be expected in 7.2 seconds.

Suzuki Hayabusa

The Suzuki Hayabusa was the first bike to present a 1400cc engine and dominate the biking world as the fastest at the time of its release. The team at Suzuki decided to go all out by introducing a 4-stroke engine with double overhead cams, 16 valves and 1340cc. The end result produced 197 HP and 155 Nm, which is impressive even in a car that weighs a lot more and has twice as many wheels. The Hayabusa still manages to turn heads to this day with its aggressive stance and the ability to run up to 194 miles per hour.

BMW G310 vs KTM 390

The new 300cc class bikes are becoming a huge hit for riders from all around the world. Sure, these might not have the insane top speeds and huge amounts of power, but they are light, easy to play with and a whole lot of fun, irrespective of your riding level.

Two of the most popular cycles of this class includes the G310 R from BMW and the Duke 390 from KTM. Just from the names, we can see a rather big difference in engine sizes, but in actual fact, these bikes are perfect for comparison on what you should be looking at to choose the perfect toy. Let’s dive in and see what these bikes have to offer.

Riding Style

From the very first moment you get on the KTM, you’re sure to get the urge to play, not only became of the “ready to race” intro on the screen when you turn on the ignition but also because of the super-moto feel that’s introduced with the over-the-front-wheel setup of the bike. KTM has managed to include the same feel as many of their bigger bikes, giving you the urge to get that back tire out wide around the corners.

The BMW offers a completely different feel, even though it’s a similar bike and also has a naked moto-like style. However, it’s a lot softer in comparison, making it a better day to day cycle that’s not quite as extreme as the KTM is. The BMW also offers a natural seating position whereas the KTM is more aggressive due to that over the front wheel riding style.


When it comes to the engine size and the power you can expect, you’ll find the riding style is also majorly affected, which is sure to make a difference to the bike you decide to buy. The KTM is obviously the most powerful as it comes with a single-cylinder, 375cc engine that’s liquid cooled. It has a 6-speed gearbox, allowing the 44bhp and peak torque of 35 Nm to get to the back wheel for an awesome ride.

The BMW is a single cylinder as well, offering 313cc with 34bhp and a total of 28Nm. Due to the smaller engine, that the bike takes some getting used to and most of the time, as a first-time rider, you’ll end up stalling at times. However, all it needs a bit more revs and you’re good to go!

In real-world testing, the KTM is bound to the be the strong bike, especially with the additional torque that allows you to get out the corners faster and have a smile on your face while doing so. The BMW is far from a bad bike, but the smaller engine is noticeable, especially since you really need to get the revs up before it performs. Down low, the BMW is somewhat disappointing as you don’t have that instant power as seen with the KTM.

Most Awesome Bikes in 2018

In recent years, motorcycle technology opens new avenues for all rider styles and experience levels. They don’t just become more attractive, but with additional safety features, more power and ability, these 2018 bikes become a desire for all bikers.

We’re all different when it comes to two wheels and what’s important for what we plan to do with the bike. Therefore, we provide a list of the most awesome 2018 bikes without focusing on a specific style. Let’s give in and find out what the hottest new bikes have to offer!

KTM 790

The iconic bright-orange colours of KTM is one of the many features of the new Duke that makes it both attractive and aggressive-looking at the same time. The new 2018 release features an all-new 799cc engine along with standard features you won’t even find on most superbikes. The parallel twin delivers an exciting yet manageable ride with 105bhp and 46ftlb of torque, which is further complemented by a total weight of just 169kg.

Ducati Panigale V4

Moving on with a naked bike to the new Ducati that comes fully dressed might be a bold move, but there’s simply no way we could leave out the latest red demon of the motorcycle world. The Panigale V4 developers yet another MotoGP-sounding beast that’s geared towards those who simply can’t go without riding on the absolute limit. The V4 pumps pure adrenaline through its 430-pound body and delivers a mind-blowing 226hp. Even with the previous Superleggera’s chassis instabilities, we’re excited about the new addition. Ducati always seems to blow us away with opportunities we didn’t know exist.

Kawasaki H2 SX

From the thrilling roar of a Ducati to the absolute insane, we look at the all-new H2, which is on the watch by many bike fans from around the world. The original H2R has already gained a reputation as the fastest production bike in the world, thanks to a supercharged 998cc powerplant, which developers a mind-blowing 101ftlbs at just 9,500rpm and 200hp at 11,000 rpm. The new H2 SX might not deliver the same 300+hp as seen with the R model, but it’s still set to amaze with powerful features that are surprisingly gentle, thanks to the supercharger offering a smooth ride with power from low revs.

Yamaha Niken

For most, the Niken is just weird, especially with the double front wheels, which to a 2-wheel fan would simply seem to apply limitations when it comes to learning and having fun on a twisty road. However, Yamaha has achieved some amazing things with the Niken as it essentially doubles the amount of grip available with the front wheels. On top of that, the 847cc DOHC powerplant allows riders to push the limits with enough to squeeze in some power slides and have a lot more control and ability. Sure, it represents the look of a sporty scooter for some, but the first few corners are sure to have you considering a trade-in.

The Best Motorcycles for Any Rider in 2018

Motorcycles that come equipped with better-handling, along with several refined features, make it an absolute blast to hit the road. What’s even more impressive about these motorcycles is that riders of all levels can easily jump onto one of these bikes and enjoy the experience without having to learn new controls or how to handle a new bike. Below you will find the best motorcycles of 2018 that are designed for any rider.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 (Best Superbike)

You can always rely on the Italians to produce a vibrant and brawny motorcycle with a big engine to compliment the overall look and feel. The latest Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 comes with a twin-cylinder engine that produces a whopping 93 horsepower. With a narrow profile, you will also find that the Dorsoduro makes things a lot easier to navigate through traffic. What’s even more impressive is that the Dorsoduro comes equipped with a Bluetooth interface that can link up to cell phones through the bike’s handlebar controls. You can buy the new Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 for a mere $10,999.

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT (Best Naked Bike)

Those that have a craving for comfort and speed will find an excellent balance in the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT. The KTM is extremely powerful, boasting with 179 horsepower with a V-twin engine along with a lean, smart, angle-sensitive stability system as well as a suspension setup which stiffens automatically depending on the conditions. You can get the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT for only $19,999.

Honda Gold Wing Tour (Best Touring Bike)

The Gold Wing from Honda is undoubtedly the king of long-distance riding. The fresh new design is powered by a six-cylinder engine and is 90 pounds lighter than the previous version. It also features a bunch of features, such as a wireless smart key, Apple CarPlay, electronically adjustable suspension, and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission along with a reverse gear. The Honda Gold Wing Tour goes for $26,700.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black (Best Retro Style Bike)

You might be surprised to learn that the Bonneville Bobber is the quickest-selling motorbike in the history of Triumph. The new Bonneville Bobber offers a nostalgic custom that is inspired by the 1940s era with large tires and wheels along with a single floating seat. You will also find integrated tech, such as cruise control, traction control, and antilock brakes to further compliment the blacked-out components. The Bonneville Bobber can be picked up for only $13,150.

Suzuki GSX250R (Best Beginner SportBike)

The notorious GSX-R from Suzuki finally entered the beginner realm. Powered by a 250cc twin engine, the GSX240R from Suzuki combined endearing qualities with sharp-edged styling, drawing more people into motorcycling, especially those that have never been on a bike. The slim fuel tank, low seat height, and extremely lightweight is an excellent option for daily commuting. The new Suzuki GSX250R can be purchased for a mere $4,499, making it the best option for beginners.