Repsol Renews Partnership with Honda for MotoGP

Rumours for months suggested that Repsol Oil wouldn’t renew their contract with Honda Motorsport for MotoGP. It wouldn’t mark the end to a relationship that’s sustained 25 years. However, it’s been announced by Repsol Oil is continuing their contract with the Honda MotoGP Team until 2023. The updated agreement maintains two years & begins in 2021.

Contract agreements with Repsol Oil & Honda Motorsport began in 1995. Their sponsorship is one of the most prolonged in racing history. Dedicated fans of “Repsol Honda MotoGP” have welcomed the renewal contract announcement, with speculation suggesting that Repsol Oil was likely to sponsor Red Bull Racing. It would’ve been surprised to see Repsol select another team, with Honda being a regular podium finisher in MotoGP. Red Bull Racing has struggled to ascertain similar records maintained by MotoGP.

Honda Motorsport released an official statement on the updated agreement. President Nomura evoked that it’s wonderful knowing that their partnership with Repsol is extending by two years. Nomura expects that the two organizations will obtain formidable success in the MotoGP Championship before 2023.

Honda Motorsports President promised that together they’d continue overcoming hardships & obstacles associated with the coronavirus pandemic. President Nomura admitted that 2020 has been financially challenging for innovation but that everyone at Honda MotoGP is looking forward to continuing the Repsol journey. Repsol Honda MotoGP will continue achieving challenging goals in Grand Prix racing.

Challenges in 2020 for Honda

Repsol Honda has seen numerous challenges throughout the 2020 MotoGP Campaign. Financial challenges associated with the coronavirus have limited upgrade options, and their reigning champion of Marc Marquez hasn’t competed since July 2020. The six-time world champ broke his arm during the Spanish Grand Prix, meaning Repsol Honda Racing had a lesser chance at winning the 2020 championship.

Those challenges are slowly being overcome without the involvement of Marc Marquez. Younger brother Alex Marquez has begun acquiring his skillsets throughout MotoGP. He obtained his maiden podium during the French Grand Prix and followed with qualifying position at the Aragon Grand Prix. There’s a chance that Alex Marquez has the same championship blood of his older brother, Marc Marquez.

Valentino Rossi’s 3rd Consecutive DNF

The French MotoGP Grand Prix saw an unexpected DNF, with Valentino Rossi crashing at the Bugatti Circuit. Rossi has acquired three victories under the MotoGP banner & wasn’t anticipating crashing on the opening lap. This marks the 3rd Consecutive DNF (Did-Not-Finish) for Valentino Rossi, a formidable rider with several championship victories in MotoGP.

Valentino Rossi hasn’t taken his 3rd Consecutive DNF with positivity, the 7-Time champion expressed his lack of understanding towards the crash & feels shame for Yamaha, as well as himself. Rossi had ample opportunity to acquire a podium finish at MotoGP’s French Grand Prix, with his qualifying position sustaining 10th. After the lights went out & drivers began racing at the Bugatti Circuit, Rossi quickly rose through the field but would lose his backend at Dunlop Chicane. The backend of Valentino’s Yamaha M1 couldn’t hold the grip with little heat to the tyres & swung out from Rossi’s control.

Multiple competitors were forced into avoiding manoeuvres from Valentino Rossi’s unexpected crash. Maverick Vinales from Yamaha dodged his teammate, with Suzuki Racing’s Joan Mir barely avoiding Rossi & colliding into the seven-time champion. Multiple drivers almost hit into Valentino Rossi with the grid still being packed. However, Rossi avoided collisions & was unharmed in the race.

It should be noted that conditions were wet, and Valentino Rossi had minimal room to recentre his Yamaha M1. Given the grid wasn’t packed at the Dunlop Chicane, Rossi would’ve regained his centre & pursued forward. Rossi was hoping to acquire a podium position after not finishing at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix & Catalan GP. Valentino’s next opportunity to showcase his champion persona will be on October 18th at the Argon Grand Prix.

Rossi Interviewed After French GP

After the French Grand Prix had concluded, MotoGP Reporters questioned Valentino Rossi on what’d transpired at the Dunlop Chicane. The seven-time champion evoked his sadness towards crashing during the 1st corner of the 1st lap. He’d mention that starting the Grand Prix was good & his rise through the field was looking good. Everyone looked calm, entering the Dunlop Chicane, but wet conditions prompted hydroplaning. Valentino Rossi couldn’t hold control of the Yamaha M1 after it’s backend hit the ice-like conditions.

Polaris and Zero Motorcycles Enter Partnership

The growth of electric vehicles is sustaining innovations worldwide, with new startup companies entering the space & other known brands entering lasting partnerships. That’s because, in the next decade, consumption behind electric vehicles will be forced in numerous countries worldwide. Companies are pre-emptively accounting for the market conditions by 2030.

Two companies have implemented this strategy, with Polaris announcing that they’ve entered a decade-long partnership with Zero Motorcycles. This partnership enables the two companies to co-develop electric vehicles & products at their Minneapolis-established manufacturing facility. It should be noted that Polaris designs snowmobiles & off-road motorcycles. However, Zero Motorcycles will likely release new models based on the technological growth of this partnership.

This exclusive partnership was detailed by Polaris, emphasizing that their agreement focuses on off-road motorcycles & snowmobiles. All models released will be designated under the REV’d-UP Program, which is Polaris’s long-term growth strategy towards the pursuit of electrification. Zero Motorcycles will provide Polaris with powertrain technologies, software support, and hardware components. Advancements made by Engineers employed with Polaris will be provided willing to Zero Motorcycles. Together, they’ll manufacture Electric Off-Roaders that plan to prioritize on market share by 2030. It should be noted that the first vehicle released by the Zero-Polaris-Partnership will debut by 2021.

Expansion & Development Funds

Polaris hopes that through this agreement, competing against Harley-Davidson in the electric motorcycle market won’t be challenging. Polaris has selected an opportune moment to become aggressive in their expansion, which has included the acquisition of Goupil, a firm which developers Electric Passenger Utility Vehicles. Combining this partnership with Zero Motorcycles & enabling new technologies through Goupil, gives Polaris genuine opportunity to compete against leading manufacturers like Honda or Harley-Davidson.

Distribution of network funds from Polaris are required, meaning finances for the Research & Development Department will become extensive between Mid-2020 to 2030. However, monetary losses associated with developing this partnership are negated by a prominent degree. Zero Motorcycles maintains extensive knowledge behind electric powertrains & motorcycles, meaning that delays related to R&D Education are eliminated by 25% to 30%. Millions are still required towards Research & Development, with no guarantees that this partnership will unleash successful products.

Britain’s Moped Mayhem Returns for May 2021

Endurance races hold prominence throughout Great Britain, with the nation’s landscape supporting the motorsport. COVID-19 prompted the majority of endurance races in Britain to become postponed or cancelled, including Moped Mayhem 2020. Organizers of the prolonged endurance race have confirmed that they’ll return at “Devitt MCN Festival of Motorcycling”, which will occur throughout May 15th to 16th in 2021. It’ll include a multitude of endurance-themed racing that maintain large grids. The result is extensive action where the unexpected becomes expected.

Moped Mayhem 2021 confirmed that their event would comprise of used & new motorcycles that perform stunt displayed for ticketholders. Additionally, MM2021 organizers are employing live bands to provide music entertainment throughout the weekend. Considering that Moped Mayhem is one of the more popular events in Great Britain, the general response to the announcement of MM2021s return has been excitement.

It should be mentioned that a large percentage of motorcycle manufacturers from the United Kingdom sponsor Moped Mayhem. This means that Triumph Motorcycles, Norton Bikes, and multiple others will have their 2021 models available for test rides. Moped Mayhem is one of the few events that maintain this opportunity. However, drivers must maintain an A-Motorcycle license in the United Kingdom. Anything lower will prompt immediate refusal.

Dirt Track Racing

Two other event organizers are participating in the “Devitt MCN Festival of Motorcycling”. This includes the “Dirt Track Riders Associations”, which is maintaining off-road racing for viewers. It’s been announced that dirt bikes supporting 1000cc’s are being kept at the Peterborough-established venue.

Extreme Bike Battle

The second organizer maintaining an event at Devitt 2021 is the “Extreme Bike Battle Association”. They’ll provide ticketholders with the most exciting & adrenaline-fueled stunt show available across the United Kingdom. It’s the EBB Stunts that see large numbers of visitors at Devitt MCN Festival of Motorcycling.

Those wanting to purchase consumer goods from these three organizers will have the option with retails stands. However, this festival is viable for cancellation similar to Devitt 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic could still be at-large from May 15th to 16th. It’s entirely dependant on a vaccine being released worldwide.

Valentino Rossi Disproves of Yamaha’s Slow Pace

The tables are turning on the MotoGP Grid, with formidable champions that once reigned supreme, now becoming outdated in-comparison to younger drivers with more significant physical strength. This has been the case for Valentino Rossi, who confirmed after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, that he doesn’t believe himself competitive enough to compete for championship contention. Rossi is twenty-six points behind the champion leader, Andrea Dovizioso & with each race that gap grows bigger. Valentino Rossi won’t be the 2020 MotoGP Champion.

Several Grand Prix’s have occurred throughout the 2020 MotoGP Season, with it being one of the most tightly packed for championship contention in recent years. Twenty-seven points are standing between the top ten drivers, with a minimum of four points splitting the top four. Valentino Rossi sustains 9th currently in the MotoGP 2020 Standings. His last Grand Prix at Misano was another failure for Valentino Rossi, with the former champion crashing out on the 2nd lap. He’d admit to not sustaining any grip & not being competitive. It appears that age is reflecting the skillsets and attitude of Valentino Rossi.

MotoGP Reporters interviewed Valentino Rossi after the Misano Grand Prix, where they questioned the former champion on his title hopes. Valentino Rossi noted that championship discussions have been held before and that it’s not right because his difference in the points is evident. Rossi mentioned that failure to gain points at Misano doesn’t change much and that the remaining top eight have small differences in their scores. Valentino said an unlikely opportunity to winning the championship that greater speed & stronger downforce is needed.

No Confidence

Valentino Rossi regarded that after every Grand Prix is completed, his Yamaha doesn’t feel stable & all grip has been lost. Rossi would admit that what occurred at Turn Four at Misano was his mistake, which was made before the 2nd lap had even competed. Rossi’s true feelings are based on personal growth, where Valentino doesn’t be himself competitive any longer. At least not to the point of obtaining championship status near the age of forty. There hasn’t been a single MotoGP Driver to acquire the championship at 41.

Franco Morbidelli Wins at San Marino

The San Marino Grand Prix has come & gone for the 2020 MotoGP Campaign, with an upcoming driver earning his first podium victory. Franco Morbidelli for Yamaha obtained 1st Place at San Marino, which came after initially acquiring 2nd in Qualifying. Moments after the lights turned green & drivers began racing, Franco Morbidelli passed Maverick Vinales, entering the first position, and maintaining that placement until San Marino GP ended.

Franco Morbidelli wasn’t without his challenges in 1st place, with Maverick Vinales & Valentino Rossi following closely behind Italian Racer. Overtaking opportunities on Morbidelli grew after Fabio Quartararo entered 3rd. His distance from first was less than +0.500-Seconds, and most thought that Quartararo was going to overtake Morbidelli by the next lap. Nobody anticipated Fabio crashing on the 4th corner and re-enter the pits. That forced Fabio Quartararo into 20th place, and the pain previously experienced during his initial fall caused for another crash. The 2nd incident put Quartararo into DNF Status, giving Franco Morbidelli every opportunity to maintain his lead.

Quartararo having cold tyres & unable to sustain his former speed at San Marino allowed for Morbidelli to exclusively worry about Valentino Rossi, who had performed an undercut during the pit-stops. Franco proved himself a strong contender in the MotoGP Campaign by overtaking Valentino Rossi laps later.

Supporters of the former MotoGP Champion, Valentino Rossi, were disappointed seeing Franco Morbidelli overtake & enter first. It’s been a prolonged period since Valentino Rossi obtained 1st place in MotoGP, with Marc Marquez regularly dominating over the ageing superstar. Rossi wouldn’t even sustain a podium position, with Francesco Bagnaia getting 2nd, and Joan Mir reaching 3rd. Valentino Rossi would finish in 4th position.

Quartararo Halted in Championship Goals

There are broader implications behind the Grand Prix. Fabio Quartararo maintaining 6th position at San Marino has meant, the champion losing to Andrea Dovizioso. Andrea stands six-points against of Fabio Quartararo, who sustains 70-Points. However, Fabio dominating over Andrea Dovizioso during the upcoming Catalan Grand Prix would ensure Quartararo’s first-place contention in the driver’s championship. Several MotoGP Grand Prix’s remain before the 2020 Campaign is over, and lots of changes can happen during that period. There isn’t any guarantee that Fabio Quartararo will be MotoGP Champion.

Casey Stoner Discusses Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez being sidelined for another four weeks, recovering a horrendously broken arm from a prior incident during the Jerez Grand Prix, has left MotoGP without a notable level of action. This is the opinion of former MotoGP Two-Time Champion, Casey Stoner. He’s evoked that next-level entertainment associated with MotoGP has disappeared with the loss of Marc Marquez.

The Repsol Honda driver was initially slated to return during the Andalusian Grand Prix. However, additional operations forced this driver into another month-long requirement for healing. Marc Marquez couldn’t return after medical staff didn’t perform his initial surgery correctly, prompting a second surgery that has been deemed successful.

Marc Marquez’s absence from the MotoGP grid has provided ample opportunities for other competitors, like Fabio Quartararo & Brad Binder. Even Miguel Oliveira astonished the MotoGP community by acquiring his maiden podium victory. Quartararo & Binder also obtained their first-ever race victory in MotoGP.

Stoner Not Impressed

Moments that’ve been exciting for MotoGP supporters haven’t been thrilling for one of their former champions. Casey Stoner has determined that without the impression of Marc Marquez, the MotoGP grid is missing next-level action. Stoner obtained two champions, one with Ducati’s Factory Team & the 2nd with Repsol Honda, the same team where Marc Marquez got multiple championships.

Replacing Marc Marquez with Stefan Bradl has proved unfavourable, with Repsol Honda dropping notably down in the field since losing Marc Marquez. They’ve become the worst-rated team for the 2020 season, showing that Repsol Honda doesn’t have advantageous speed over their competition. Casey Stoner reflected that all motorcycles in MotoGP have the same capabilities & that without Marquez, there won’t be a consistent champion in their sport.

The Failures of Alex Marquez

Losing Marc Marquez from the MotoGP grid provided his younger brother & now teammate, the opportunity to showcase his skillsets. Alex Marquez hasn’t maintained the same speed his older brother is famous for, often positioned at the bottom grid throughout the 2020 MotoGP Campaign. It’s left notable disappoint for supporters of the Marquez family, who’d hoped they’d come across another multi-winning champion. There is a chance that over time Alex Marquez can garner similar skillsets through trial, errors, and practice. It’s, however unlikely.

Maverick Vinales Avoids Collision by Jumping

Monster Energy Yamaha Team in MotoGP have faced back-to-back weekends with unfavourable results. Maverick Vinales was competing at the Styrian Grand Prix on August 30th when his YZR-M1 had its brakes explode at 230km/h. Determining that his motorcycle wouldn’t sustain future laps without crashing into the barriers, Maverick Vinales leapt from his vehicle & slide against the track on his back.

Concerns were already present for Monster Energy Yamaha Team, as Maverick Vinales raised his hand in the initial laps of this race. It suggested that his breaks were starting to lock-up & from there on, Vinales knew that the Styrian Grand Prix wouldn’t last long for himself. Turn one into Styrian on the 17th lap saw Maverick’s brakes fail in the braking zone, forcing the driver to leap or face severe collision.

Moments later, the YZR-M1 was destroyed into dozens of pieces after spinning into an “Air-Fence”. It forced the Styrian Grand Prix to stop for 10+ minutes but saw one of MotoGP’s top motorcyclists come out unscathed. Most bikers wouldn’t find themselves without injury after leaping from their vehicle, showing the talent Vinales has acquired over the last half-decade.

Questions Answered

MotoGP reporters asked Maverick Vinales when issues with his breaking began, where the Yamaha driver revealed the problem started on the 3rd lap & that he knew catastrophic failure was inevitable. Statements made by Vinales emphasized that brake pressure was dropping quickly, forcing his braking turns to become expansive. This caused his lap times to become lower than expected & for other competitors to pass easily. Maverick mentioned that his positioning could have improved without Fabio & Valentino pressuring him, eventually overtaking him the moment that his brakes exploded.

Multiple drivers competing behind Maverick Vinales noted that small pieces of his motorcycle were coming off with each passing lap, creating minor debris on the track. Repsol Honda’s Alex Marquez evoked that from his perspective, it appeared that fallen debris was coming from the front brake. It’s expected that Monster Energy Yamaha will implement a full investigation with their engineers before next Sunday.

Motorcycle Sales in UK Rise by 41.9%

The COVID-19 Pandemic inflicted numerous changes onto how society engages in the United Kingdom, with former markets that dominated in the Pre-COVID Era now falling & industries that saw minimal growth are now increasing their valuations in the Post-COVID Era. One such industry is motorcycles, with the two-wheeler becoming more desirable amongst commuters for the associated cost. Maintaining motorcycles in the United Kingdom means lower insurance rates and cheaper mileage of petrol. However, an influx of sale volumes has led towards a national shortage of available stock.

Statistical data revealed for July 2020 indicates that the sales of motorcycles increased by 41.9%. Information was evaluated against the same period in 2019, showing an immediate demand for motorcycles in the COVID-19 Era. Statistical data was also given by scooters & powered two-wheelers, with the growth behind scooters behind 56.6%. PWTs saw the lowest increase at 37.5%.

Statistical data being given for July 2020 showed a back-to-back monthly growth for the UK motorcycle market. Development first began when Prime Minister Boris Johnson implemented the Coronavirus Lockdown. The British Prime Minister didn’t allow for SUVs, Sedans, and Trucks to traverse the UK amid the Lockdown. He did allow for two-wheeled vehicles to be maintained with their single-operator system.

The initial lockdown month for the UK’s Lockdown saw used motorcycles increase by 44.5%, with new motorcycles sustaining at 8% growth & the Honda PCX125 reigning supreme as the highest-selling vehicle in Great Britain during COVID-19. It should be mentioned that scooters saw growth margins at 43.1%, which means that collectively over June & July, there was nearly a 100% growth on scooters.


All percentages issued regarding the growth of two-wheeled vehicles come from the Motorcycle Industry Association. The MCIA evoked that unsurprised with registrations increasing to such heights, with people still needing to travel during COVID-19 for a multitude of reasons. The MCIA also mentioned that the United Kingdom is returning to its roots by adopting motorcycles back into their daily commute. For anyone considering purchasing a two-wheeled vehicle in the United Kingdom, understand that CBT Courses are required, as is the A1 Class License.

Marquez Not Returning Until September 11th

Repsol Honda Racing announced that Marc Marquez, the reigning MotoGP Champion, won’t be attending the upcoming Styrian Grand Prix. This comes after Marquez continues to recover from his broken arm, which underwent radical surgery to ensure prompt healing. This unexpected injury overcame Marc Marquez on July 19th at the Spanish Grand Prix, receiving his modernized operation 48-Hours later.

Marc Marquez proved himself the champion, refusing to accept the degree of his injuries. Supporters saw the Repsol Honda Racer at the Andalusian Grand Prix on July 25th, where he’d try to compete in Qualifying for a podium position. Swelling in Marc Marquez broken arm shortly into the session forced his prompt retirement and created an exceptional level of stress onto his injury. Marquez would break the steel plate wrapped around his broken arm while trying to open a window back home. This prompted the 2nd operation for Marc Marquez, resulting in the champion missing the Czech Republic & Austrian Grand Prix’s.

Repsol Honda Racing wouldn’t confirm or deny if Marc Marquez were returning for the 2nd Austrian Grand Prix, with double-header rounds being supported at the Red Bull Ring. It wouldn’t be until August 19th that Repsol Honda Personnel clarified that Marquez wouldn’t appear in the second round. This likely means his remittance into the 2020 MotoGP Season will arrive at the San Marino Grand Prix, which takes place on September 11th to 13th. It’ll be another double-header that will prove challenging for the still injured driver.

Marc Marquez will find it challenging to overcome Fabio Queretaro in 2020. Missing a total of five Grand Prix’s has placed Marquez substantially lower into the points, with Fabio standing 67-Points above Marc. Queretaro couldn’t set points for five races for Marquez to compete for championship contention. This likely means the reign of Marc Marquez will end in 2020, hopeful of returning for the 2021 MotoGP Season.

Marc’s Replacement

Repsol Honda Racing are struggling in the MotoGP Constructor’s Championship without Marc Marquez. Their replacement driver for the Champion is Stefan Bradl, who has struggled to maintain his motorcycle race-after-race. It became evident again after Stefan placed 17th at the Austrian Grand Prix. Bradl claimed that Repsol Honda didn’t have the speed needed to maintain contention, blaming his employer over his respective shortcomings. The return of Marc Marquez for Repsol Honda grows daily.