How to Customize Your Motorcycle Helmet

Designing a customised helmet while riding your motorcycle means that you’re essentially making a customised or specialised tailor-made helmet according to your own preferences. It’s for this reason that a customised helmet cannot be produced in bulk. It can, therefore, be seen as a limited edition or a product that is available exclusively to you.

It also goes without saying that although the helmet will be customised, you will still be required to ensure the helmet is protecting your head and that it’s safe in all circumstances. Thankfully, there are several basic ways to customise your helmet, including custom paint, airbrush, or you can simply add decals that will make your helmet quite unique and awesome. Let’s take a look at a few ways to customise your helmet at home.

Custom Paint Your Helmet

There are two ways in which you can custom paint your helmet. This includes wet painting it or airbrushing your helmet. If you have a good idea of how to paint, there’s nothing stopping you for painting the helmet yourself. However, if you don’t have a clue of what to do, its better to search for an expert painter to get the job done for you. Rather avoid a crudely painted helmet if you have no idea what you are doing. The other option is to airbrush your helmet which involves an airbrush to paint as opposed to wet paint. You will also need to have a good understanding on how to airbrush, so make sure to learn all the techniques before you attempt it.

Apply Stickers or Custom Decals

This is probably the safest and easiest option when it comes to customising your helmet. You merely need to search for stickers at a wide range of online shops, or if you’re feeling more creative and want to get a unique sticker or decal that no one else has, you can simply design it yourself with an assortment of innovative programs or apps. You can place the decals or stickers wherever you want and even make them offensive if you feel like it.

Get an Insane Mask Instead of Customizing Your Own Helmet

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you can also opt in to get a face mask. However, a face mask will only protect your face and not your skull. This is essentially the only downside to purchasing a face mask but there’s no denying that they look incredibly awesome.

Customize Your Helmet With a Cover or Skin

Instead of painting your helmet or applying decals to customise it, why not choose a really cool skin to make it even more unique? One of the greatest benefits of applying a skin over your entire helmet is that it protects your helmet from chips and scratches. There are loads of interesting skins out there, ranging from Iron Man through to Spider-Man. The choose is yours, and it will definitely turn a few heads when you drive past others.

Costumes, Celebrities and Chrome

Celebrities, Chrome and costumes were all part of the highlights at the Sturgis motorcycle rally in 2018. The rally is well-known for the rumbling of thousands of engines, and with this special event starting way-back in 1938 it has just enjoyed its 78th year in existence, even though it was suspended due to gas shortages during World War II. The 10-day rally attracts visitors from all over the world, and this year the attendance was estimated at 500,000.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Participants

The Sturgis is a popular event that has participants enjoying a ride along the twisting roads of the Black Hills, to bask in a two-wheeled celebration and to wear biker-related gear as they partake in a rally of all that is shiny, loud and super-fast. Visitors described this year’s Sturgis as wild, crazy and cool and said they came to see and hear everything the Sturgis stands for.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Attendees

A large part of the attendees stays at encampments just outside the city since there are only a few hotels, the camping grounds can accommodate thousands and feature bars, concerts and many motorcycle demonstrations. For US citizens the Sturgis is a festival in which anything goes, fists fly, drugs flow and nudity flourishes. But times have changed and in reality, well today the festival is attended by professionals who have too much to lose to take the risk of being arrested.

City officials say that the top professionals, part of the Sturgis are accountants, lawyers and doctors. In making the statistics more understandable is that Indian motorcycles or Harley-Davidsons cost about $20,000, high-end models can be as much as $50,000, and then there is still the cost of customisation, plus the gear, gas and insurance as well as the weekly holiday.

Sturgis Largest Open-Air Shopping Mall

There are long-time attendees that think the Sturgis might have lost its edge, that being the naked shenanigans, rowdy, and drunken bikers once filling the streets, that now belongs to licence holding T-shirt vendors, corporate sponsors, lawyers and insurance companies. The rally became an excuse for one of the largest open-air shopping malls. The streets are lined with booths, hawking ponytail vendors, and shoppers can purchase custom patches, memorialising T-shirts, and while fellow riders chat leather seats can be fitted, that is off-course customised versions of it.

Obviously, the rally is endless fun, and along the street, there are plenty of open-fronted bars enabling those sipping on a drink to enjoy the passers-by such as women in thongs, bikinis and leather-clad bikers. This year’s celebrities list included Sarah Palin, Richard Rawlings as well as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock. The airbrush and pinstriping painter, Keith Eccles describes it as all too commercial now, it is totally different in his opinion and a human zoo. First-timers find the busy streets and leather-clad bikers as well as everything else to push the borders of a spectacle in a very good way. Huge groups of motorcycles rumble past non-stop as some arrive others depart from the town and most say they are completely hooked on the festivities, the bikes, the people and all the celebration of stands for, so the Sturgis will undoubtedly continue to entertain for many years to come.

New Brunswick Rules for New Motorcycle Drivers

In New Brunswick, the most vulnerable of all road users are the motorcyclists. It is a proven fact that motorcyclist is 7.5 times more vulnerable and more likely to be involved in collisions or to be killed than any other motorists. The number of New Brunswick registered motorcycles increases constantly and has almost doubled just in the past year, on average a high percentage of 3.1% of all motorcycles are involved in collisions, and an estimated 11% of collision have fatalities. What has also increased is the number of deaths of motorcyclists due to collisions, therefore the New Brunswick Government has graduated the licence program and decided to change some certain aspects of the licensing program called the Motorcycle GDL.

Four Main Causes of Collisions in New Brunswick

At the same time as announcing the changes that actually only effects brand new motorcyclists, the Government also released an overview of the collision data specific to New Brunswick. The collision data revealed the common reasons and causes of collisions that could lead to the death of motorcycle drivers. The first reason and action that caused the most collision where both illegal manoeuvres and speeding by motorcyclists. The second reason was less of the motorcyclist fault since it indicated failure of other vehicle drivers in spotting motorcyclist. The third reason was the inexperience and inattention on the part of a motorcyclist while the fourth reason was drug and alcohol use by motorcyclists.

New Brunswick GDL Programme

In New Brunswick, the GDL program for all passenger vehicles have been hugely successful since its implementation in 1996, and this contributed to the decision to also introduce a GDL for motorcycling licencing. The program is in place to ensure new drivers graduate via the GDL program and is well prepared for the current high-risk situation. The experience is a great way to ensure new motorcyclist have all the knowledge they need to enjoy safety on the roads.

Apart from reviewing the risk factors faced by New Brunswick motorcyclists the GDL program for motorcycles from around the globe were taken into consideration. This resulted in the Motorcycle New Brunswick’s GDL program including a new program for a period of twelve months, and the minimum age for entry is 16 years-of-age. Any applicant under the legal age of 18 years-of-age requires a consent letter that is witnessed by a non-relative.

Participants are required to pass the motorcycling driving course successfully and have a zero Blood Alcohol Concentration during the length of the GDL programme no matter their age, while driving is not allowed from sunset to sunrise by any of the participants. No towing of a vehicle is permitted according to the Motor Vehicle act, and no passengers are allowed during the training period of the GDL program. All participants need to have their GDL license without any interruptions for at least twelve months and must pass a full road test before they will become fully licensed.

New Brunswick Motorcycle Festival

The New Brunswick Motorcycle Festival is the largest of its kind for many reasons including the passion of the relatively small executive committee, the extremely dedicated group of volunteers, thousands of participants that remain loyal to this excellent event and the enthusiastic community that is involved year after year.

Day One

Started in 2007 the New Brunswick Motorcycle Festival takes place yearly during June and offers four days of socialising, fun and the best live entertainment. Several different runs are part of the festivities and include the Dealer Poker Run, which awards the top three with gift certificates while the first day kicks off with the Moncton Summer Run and ends with the Ribfest. The Ribfest takes place on the festival grounds where several food vendors ensure great meals and live entertainment is available on the main stage right through the day.

Day Two

With the second day normally arranged to fall on a Friday the events include a Fundy Coastal guided tour, a Test Your Metal event in which Harley Davidson offers some demo rides and for a minimal fee of just $10 the bikers get to enjoy the Legion Poker Run and enjoy a barbecue lunch. This year the live entertainment on day two included main stage performances by Ginger Kings, Ivan Hicks, Rik Reese and Izabelle Quellet Trio.

Day Three

Day three offers a pancake breakfast meeting to the bikers after which the Acadian Coastal ride takes participants on a scenic ride. The Ribfest starts at about 11:00 and the mainstage performances include Kendra Gale Band, CHAOS in the Park as well as Sweet Surrender. One of the highlights of the third day is the Atanticade Sweepstakes Draw that offered a 2018 Kawasaki Z650 this year as its grand prize, thanks to the involvement and sponsorship from Kawasaki.

Day Four

The fourth day comes much too quick according to everyone who takes part in this fun and highly enjoyable event and from 9:00 to 11:00 the closing awards breakfast takes place at the Delta Hotel. To keep the spirits high even though the event comes to an end on this day several top performers keep the attendance entertained and once the Ride for Dad’s is over the Thirsty Rangers Band performs on the main stage. It’s a day of rewards and trophies, and even the ribbers of the Ribfest gets their trophies at around four, white performers such as Mike Baggar, Unforeseen, and Ivan Daigle keeps the main stage performances in high spirits.

Next year the 13th New Brunswick Motorcycle Festival will take place around June, although the dates have not yet been confirmed keep an eye out for the specials offered by hotels that actively participate in the event by offering reduced rates. See YOU in New Brunswick, Canada in 2019!

How to Choose Your First Motorcycle

No matter who you are, you’re going to fall into one of two categories if you’re thinking about getting your first motorcycle. The first group is for the people who know exactly what they want and have done a countless amount of research that they could be selling the bike, and the people who are so overwhelmed by the options that they have o idea what bike or even where to start.

No matter how you become interested in motorcycles, once you want to do it that feeling will never leave the back of your mind. However, you should never strive to be one of those people who buy their first bike based on a wild impulse. Or buy one because a few of your friends enjoy riding a certain name and style. Even trying to get into the bike riding life sounds like an odd sex health class with terminologies such as Fat Boys, nakeds, and crotch rockets. Despite how much information you may be taking in, there are a few ways that you can make more informed decisions before selecting a bike and wasting thousands on one that you don’t love.

The Starting Point

One of the best and worst things about people who may already know how to ride is them always wanting to give you advice based on their experience. Some people may go based off of what biking magazines tell them, what attracts the other people, and so much bias that it’s more overwhelming than going to the bike store itself. However, it’s not rather what bike looks the best or what anyone says. At the end of the day, you should be focusing on what are your goals with the bike.

Hands down, the type of riding you intend to do is the sole determination of what bike you should be getting. While that is the most important question, it’s the only that you may get wrong if you only want to ride for leisure – but who knows, maybe you would want to get into racing or just stay safe and do your short trips with your friends. After deciding this, it will help to begin to start searching for bikes that can do what you want and a bit more, get a feel for all of the different types of styles, which one looks comfortable and practical to you, etc. Honestly, this is one the best steps t narrow down your choices.

One of your best choices is to look at beginner bikes. They’re usually on the less expensive side and are perfect for people who have never laid eyes on a motorcycle of their own. Many companies are actually producing beginner bikes that will still make you feel as if you’re a pro on the streets – even if you only started riding last week.

No matter what though, never let your friends or the people at the bike shop make you feel as if you have to get on a brand new, high-powered, strong bike that going to overwhelm you. Biking is a hobby for most and takes it at your own pace.