Travelling on your motorcycle has become increasingly difficult throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals who aren’t considered essential workers can ride exclusively when grabbing groceries or acquiring medicines. This means that minimal exposure has been felt by the motorcyclist community throughout Europe, with deals also feeling adverse effects from this pandemic.

They’ve had an influx of staff members entering self-isolation protocols, and retail locations have shut down. Hoping to keep their businesses moving forward, a large percentage of these dealerships have begun “On-Site Repairs”. Mechanics are driving to motorcyclists’ homes and repairing their vehicles for an unknown cost. These operational responses stop a more significant problem that’s coming, with the Euro5 Regulations slated to be implemented by January 2021.

These regulations will force dealerships to deconstruct uncompliant motorcycles and terminate their components in an eco-friendly manner. This’ll ensure that scrapyards will receive smaller percentages of broken-down vehicles, which often emit poisonous fumes into our atmosphere or destructive liquids into our ground. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing these dealerships to have an influx of motorcycles that’ll be considered outdated in nine months.

Numerous dealerships have now requested the European Union to delay the Euro5 Regulations, ensuring that these dealers can sell off their stock of motorcycles and not face a significant loss of profit. Numerous dealerships will shut down if these delays aren’t implemented.

The Quick Fix

Governing entities within the European Union have the power to stop these issues. A potential solution includes dealerships remodelling many Euro4 Motorcycles into the Euro5 Standard for January 2021. There’ll be challenges with these solutions, as airbox and exhaust changes with some motorcycle models require extensive remapping of other components. However, it’d enable older vehicles to sustain longer lifespans.

These governing entities would be required to impose a six-month delay on the Euro5 Regulations for this solution, as dealerships and mechanics would have to prepare themselves for the future remodels. Mechanics in the motorcyclist community haven’t experienced a challenge of this nature throughout any generation. It’ll historically be remembered by the community for decades to come. We’ll provide our readers additional coverage on this story, pending the confirmation that the European Union approved a delay on Euro5 Regulations.

Potential Delay on Euro5 Regulations