Citizens of the United Kingdom have mostly ignored the coronavirus pandemic. It’s created unfavourable circumstances for law enforcement, who are having to combat an invisible virus amongst criminal organizations & standard civilians. After efforts that’ve spanned six weeks of investigations, United Kingdom Law Enforcement announced that they’d dismantled a group of motorcycle thieves.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic began to thrive in the United Kingdom, Parliament was forced into implementing Draconian Social Distancing Laws. Criminals increased their activities in notable neighbourhoods throughout Northumbria. Criminals would use stolen mopeds & motorcycles to commit numerous acts of thievery. Reports of these actions were first indicated in Northumbria. Initial reports prompted other criminal groups to copy the originators, creating a nationwide problem. Detailed accounts suggest that these individuals were aged between 17 to 25, often carrying illegal firearms to deter any civilians’ protests.

Fourteen motorcycles & twelve mopeds were seized from criminal organizations still in-possession of stolen vehicles. It’s presumed that all other vehicles reported missing were sold to more significant suspects in various criminal cells, which UK Law Enforcement will investigate through interrogation on these young adults.

Leading Officers of Operation Benelli weren’t available for comment when media personnel requested additional details. Remarks regarding the efforts of those involved were instead mentioned by Phil Baker, the Northumbria Neighbourhood Inspector. He emphasized that six weeks of the investigation never deterred officers from obtaining their goal of apprehending these criminals. Concerned sentiments from locals were noted & assisted in the identification of motorcycle games. Phil Baker clarified that Operation Benelli displays the positive momentum community policing can bring. Statements concluded with the Neighborhood Inspector hoping Northumbria locals feel safer.

Engaged Strategies

Operation Benelli involved the usage of multiple tactics. Teenage criminals are technologically proficient & often able to deter the standard methods of law enforcement. Subsequently, strategies on patterns of behaviour were 1st implored—Northumbria Police then spoke with victims & community locals to garner updated intelligence on possible suspects. Northumbria Residents now needn’t worry about their parks, retail spaces, and walking areas being corrupted by motorcycle gangs.

Success for UK Law Enforcement with Operational Benelli