Aprilia RSV4 1100Factory

Who wouldn’t like to ride a bike with three changeable modes: Sport, Track and Race? The 1078cc motor has been fitted to the RSV4 frame and given 214bhp with 90ft/lb of torque it is out of this world! All the best features have been added for this 2019 model. These include Moto GP wings, braced internal swinging arms, forks with an extra 5mm, titanium Akrapovic exhausts and Stylema Brembos brake system. Downside: the steering is too tight and small and leaves the rider with aching hands and wrists, but the power on the open road certainly takes your mind off the steering. A bit flat at the start, but at mid-stride, it pops, and at the top this bike is fantastic.

Yamaha R1M

Taking the 1998 Yamaha R1’s 600cc chassis and shoe-horning a 1000cc into it, made for a small, light, quick and nippy ride. Yamaha has changed much, but they have stuck to the basic design, and the handling and the cornering are epic. All the famous riders who have straddled these Yamahas can attest to the comfort and ease of riding. The street model of the R1 is a joy to ride –right front end feel, and fast, but not the fasted bike on the road. The display is of the best: white on black or vice versa – it is easy to read under all conditions. The brakes are ample, but perhaps the pads could be better for quicker reaction time.

Downside: The R1 doesn’t handle the humps and bumps on the open road, so it is better on a surfaced track. The Upside is that the R1 is beautiful. All design features are artful, and the finishes are the best – magnesium wheels, titanium exhaust headers, and an aluminium tank that seems to mould itself to your body.

Ducati Panigale V4S Corse

The Ducati has remained the same since 2014 with a V4, but with changes such as Ohlin suspension Marchesini rims and Brembo braking systems – all the best! The narrow body is hard and unforgiving, but who cares when it has a 1100cc engine? The Panigale takes a lot of getting used to, but once you get going- you get going! This bike doesn’t like to be babied and hops when you let it!

The BMW S1000 RR

After ten years of top places in racing, the BMW has brought out the S1000RR. A total re-make from the chassis to the nuts and bolts, together with viable valve timing, the engine comes in 4kg less than its predecessor, with a total mass of 193kg. Even with such additions as carbon wheels and a lightweight lithium battery, it is one of the least costly big bikes on the road.

The BMW handles all types of roads and road surfaces with grace. Unlike other bikes, the S1000RR takes ant road in its stride. The electronic suspension control, Pirellis that hug the surface and the lack of weight make the bike iconic.