Indian Motorcycles have announced they have released the next variation of its bikes on its FTR platform. This is a restyled model that the company is hoping to cash in on due to the popularity of the styling used in its street scrambler.

The overwhelming number of changes are in its appearance. These include a brown seat, higher handlebar, a flyscreen, changes to its exhaust and wheels in terms of comparison to the FTR 1200 and FTR 1200 S. Currently the pricing point for the new model in the U.S will be $13,499 sand in Canada, $16,499.

Beyond that of the styling updates, beneath the styling, the spec sheets is identical. The rake, trail and wheelbase haven’t changed, nor have the brakes. However, the suspension for the S model seems to be using a 43 mm adjustable inverted fork while the rear shocks incorporate the base model rear shock system.

While the wheels are identical, it does feature red pinstripes with stainless steel spokes. The tires are Scorpion Rally STRs from Pirelli and are designed to match the looks of the scrambler. The seat sits at 33.1 inches, and the tank holds 3.4 gallons.

Rally’s Output

The output for the new restyled model will see 123 horsepower at 8,250 rpm while at 5,900 rpm, it will deliver 87 foot-pounds of torque. That is an increase of two pounds of torque and three horsepower from its 2019 model, and this applies to all the FTR models in 2020.

The Rally, of course, will maintain many of the premium features in its other FTR’s. This will include its LED lighting, slip-assist clutch and electronic cruise control. While the original was not an inexpensive bike, the updated model isn’t as well, but you do get some extra bang for your buck. To understand the performance of the Rally we looked at the past reviews to help give you some insight and the results of its handling impressed us and that leaves us with the expectation that the updated model should be quite versatile.

One thing is certain, however, and that is small steps are being taken by Indian tin its lineup to diversify its offering beyond that of its touring and cruising models. Of late, the company has shied away from the American V-twin engines to more liquid-cooled engines, and that can only lead to better things to come.

The 2020 Indian FTR 1200 Revealed