The Harley-Davidson Corporation has begun to alter their standard motorcycles, moving into the modern era of riding. Their first of this new era was the 2021 Pan America, which has quietly been developed in an unnamed manufacturing plant. The company has taken its time to release information on this upcoming motorcycle, that was until this month when information regarding the Pan America 1250 was finally unveiled.

What’s known about the Pan America is its design as it is one that captures the hearts and minds for motorcyclists worldwide. Lifelong fans of Harley Davidson have expressed their discontent with this design, which is a stark contrast from what is typically displayed. The modern elements provided in the Pan America 1250 doesn’t stray far away from the Harley Davidson design, allowing for it to sit perfectly amongst their lineup. Overall, it’s a motorcycle that’s front-end heavy with a muscular approach in design.

The Specifications

Harley Davidson provided information at the EICMA 2019 Expo on the Pan America 1250 Specification. It was revealed that a V-Twin Revolution Max Engine would be maintained, offering two displacement sizes. This will include a 975cc model, which will be complemented by the more powerful 1250cc model. The more powerful model will enable 145 horsepower, with an additional ninety pounds of torque. Unfortunately, the specifications for the suspension and brakes weren’t provided. What was confirmed is that Harley Davidson collaborated with the Brembo Company to built new four-piston monobloc calibres. It should be noted that Michelin is also creating specialized tires for the Pan America 1250.

The Cost

Another critical piece of information that wasn’t revealed at the expo was Pan America’s associated cost. It’s unknown if the Harley Davidson corporation will price this vehicle in the lower-end of $15,000.00 or the higher-end of $20,000.00. Analysts have begun to decipher the internals and specifications released, their associated costs for consumers, and baseline costs for manufacturers. Subsequently, these analysts anticipate a cost of $17,000.00 to $17,999.00.

Harley Davidson hasn’t provided any associated details on the available accessories or their costs. Individuals considering pre-orders aren’t aware of what additional tanks are available for purchase, if suspension packages are available and if saddle heights can be altered for a cost. Analysts expect that Harley Davidson will release the full lineup of associated prices in Spring 2020. Being this is the first adventure bike from Harley Davidson, it cost to be one of their biggest sellers in 2020.

The Harley Davidson Pan America 1250