MotoGP’s Andalusian Grand Prix proved victorious & disastrous for the VR48 Academy. Both outfits in Moto2 and Moto3 found themselves maintaining podiums for both motorsports. Shortly afterwards, both teams would find themselves experiences unforeseen disturbances during the Post-Race. Valentino Rossi, the leader for VR28 Academy, gave a public reaction to what was an embarrassing crashing & injury while his driver attended the podium.

Luca Marini & Marco Bezzecchi for VR28 Academy both saw podium victories, respectively placing 2nd to 3rd at the Andalusian Grand Prix. They’d subsequently lose an opportunity at 1st Position to Enea Bastianini, a formidable motorcyclist that’s destined to enter MotoGP & potentially compete against his teacher if Valentino Rossi returns. When it applies to Moto3, Celestino Vietti for VR28 Academy obtained a 3rd place podium.

Post-Race Celebrations for all three drivers proved more eventful than the Grand Prix itself. Celestino Vietti would find himself needing stitches after a bottle of Prosecco Champagne was broken by the driver. After the Moto3 Andalusian Grand Prix was completed, Moto2 would start their race. Luca Marini & Marco Bezzecchi would find themselves colliding into each other during the 1st to 2nd corner, which occurred when the teammates attempted shaking hands. Both would be uninjured physically, but their motorcycles would require extensive repairs.

Valentino Rossi would be questioned on his reaction towards both occurrences. The former MotoGP Champion emphasized that when seeing two VR28 Academy bikes crashing into each other & skidding into the gravel, his immediate thought is this cannot be true. He’d remark understanding for both Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi, choosing to not publicly scold them for the foolish mistake of trying to shake hands. Sentiments from Valentino Rossi would then move towards Celestino Vietti, noting their significant concern for his podium injury. Rossi would announce that multiple stitches were administered to Celestino Vietti.

Proud None the Less

Valentino Rossi didn’t utter disappointment in his motorcyclists, with sentiments more indicating proud relief for his driver’s safety. He’d note that throughout the last two seasons in all three iterations of MotoGP, these young men have assisted in driving him forward when wanting to quit. That’s no small feat to ensure Valentino Rossi maintains his position in the MotoGP community.

The Highs and Lows of MotoGP’s Andalusian Grand Prix