The Consumer Electronics Show in 2020 brought significant announcements to the Motorcycle Industry. Various motorcycles were announced, with new gear following for those respective vehicles. When it applies to electric motorcycles, CES has begun the most significant venue to unveil new models. The most recent model released at the Consumers Electronics Show was the Damon Motorcycles Hypersport, which is anticipated to cost $25,000.00 in the United States of America. It should be called the Hypersport 200, as it features a top speed of 200mph and 200 electric battery horsepower This extends its range to a maximum of 200 miles on a highway range, and 300 within a city.

The first aspect that should be noted about the Hypersport is its substantial battery. The haul of this vehicle is the electric engine, which has carbon fibre panelling wrapped around its structure. Subsequently, this creates a considerable safety hazard in the incident of an ongoing collision. The electric battery could become corrupted and force an explosion, which would be the equivalent of TNT Dynamite exploding. Damon Motorcycles confirmed that they’d implemented a computer-based component that internally shutdown the battery with a small EMP. This component is initiated whenever the battery is comprised and at risk of explosion. Riders should be protected from this specific feature, which is a first for electric-based motorcycles.

Additional Details

Damon Motorcycles confirmed during their announcement at CES 2020 that the Hypersport would manage 60mphs in less than three seconds. This would be accomplishable with less than three hours of battery remaining. This manufacturer also noted that the standard model would weigh 1,120lbs and the premium model 500lbs. This is because the standard Hypersport has a metallized structure, with the premium edition supporting a carbon fibre frame. Those wanting to purchase the premium model will require $40,000.00. Purchasing this model allows for better components, which include Brembo Brakes and the Ohlins Suspension. It should be noted that a maximum of twenty-five premier models is being manufactured, making them a limited product.

Those interested in purchasing the Damon Motorcycles Hypersport or learn additional information regarding its production, visit its official webpage. Consumers will notice Damon Motorcycles unwavering commitment to providing the maximum potential for motorcyclists, while also reducing the number of crashes. This is what prompts the specialized engine-component. There are also new technologies implemented into the Hypersport, such as a Co-Pilot system that enables an onboard computer to take over whenever the vehicle has lost control. Numerous AI-enabled cameras will manage this safety protocol.

The Hypersport from Damon Motorcycles