Consumers supporting the Suzuki motorcycle brand have a new Enduro Tourer in the lineup. Named the Suzuki V-Storm 1050XT, multiple upgrades were confirmed for this upcoming model. Most notable were the design alterations, with the headlights are reformatted and the beaks appearing more reminiscent to the DR-Z. Nostalgia is a substantial element with the V-Storm 1050XT, with its maximum height being the minimum 50mm. Those wanting customization elements have a rotatable windscreen that can be implemented into eleven positions. Additional enhancements to this model into the LCD Instruments, LED Taillight and Ergonomic Display.

The engine-block powering this Enduro Tourer is the 1037cc V-Twin, which is listed at 107hp at a maximum rpm of 8500. Torque is listed at 6000rpm at 73.8 pounds-per-foot. This provides extensive power in short periods, with the powertrain providing immediate torque to the throttle, giving sensitive controls over the speed. Individuals wanting a lightweight motorcycle with formidable turning capabilities and stronger straight-line speeds, with the added benefit of classic designs, don’t have to look any further. It should be noted that this vehicle comes with specialized features like a Three-Tier Drive Mode Selector, Hill Hold Controls, Slope Dependent Controls, Motion Brake Systems and Three Traction Control settings. This allows for increased customization on how your V-Storm 1050XT will ride.

The Ride

The 2020 Suzuki V-Storm 1050XT is one of the fastest and most pleasurable Enduro Tourer’s available to consumers. It follows similar design factors to its predecessor, such as the lightweight cornering and mid-range height. It creates driving scenarios that most motorcycle brands cannot provide, with Suzuki learning substantial data from their presence in MotoGP. Specialized technologies like electronic throttles deliver increased boosts to acceleration, with peak RPMs being hit within seconds.

These elements brought over from the Suzuki MotoGP outfit will enable riders to have better racing capabilities. The Suzuki Company is provided special notices to anybody purchasing this motorcycle, asking them to master the manual and customize their controls to various scenarios. Others accidents will be more likely for riders unfamiliar with all the 1050XTs benefits.

Drivers have better performances when it applies to drag racing and to come out the corners, which will benefit those in standard racing leagues. Standard drivers taking rides in unfavourable conditions don’t have to worry about safety either, with Motion brake Systems that are more enhanced than typical ABS systems. These efficient components create one of the highest-rated motorcycles throughout the 2020 fiscal year. We give the 2020 Suzuki V-Storm 1050XT an 8/10 rating.

The Suzuki V-Storm 1050XT Review