An unfortunate leak has stricken the Yamaha Company, with their 2021 MT-09 being leaked via several Eurasia publications. The October 27th leak confirmed that Yamaha is introducing an updated model for the MT Lineup, which has been available for a decade with this model. Multiple design alterations have been implemented from what’s viewable in leaked photos. This included an updated headlight, which supports aggressive aesthetics similar to the Yamaha MT-03. Additional design components that’ve been updated include the fuel tank, which is integrated into the curtains. This enables a higher fitting on the horizontal-lateral frame pillars.

Yamaha has opted to redesign the MT-09s aluminium frame & radiator frame, permitting lighter weight to the motorcycle. This will allow better cornering at high speeds & downforce sustainability on straight-line paths. The Yamaha Company have also updated the ankle guard plates & high rigidity swingarm, giving better manoeuvrability. This has all been accomplished with updated dimensions for the 2021 Yamaha MT-09, which adds 00.4-Inches onto the frame length. However, thanks to lighter-weight materials, it’s eight pounds less than the 2019 model. The total weight for the MT-09 is now 417lbs, which is manoeuvrable in accidental scenarios.

Motorcyclists familiar with the Yamaha MT-09 Series known that 2018 saw an introduction the Euro5 Engine, which has capabilities to outperform expectations with greater displacement. Owners will receive an 890cc Engine that supported 117HP at 10,000 Rpm. That speed is met with torque listed at 68.6 Pounds-Per-Foot at 7,000 Rpm. It should be mentioned that Yamaha has updated the fuel delivery system, compression ratio, six-speed transmission, and slipper clutch to account for the higher speeds.

Yamaha R1 Copied with MT-09

The Yamaha Company have introduced components from other motorcycles in their lineup. New features included the Accelerator Position Sensor Grip & Yamaha Chip Control Throttle, which is ported from the Yamaha R1. What these two components permit is better leveraging of the shifting mechanics on handlebars. Getting through the gears won’t be challenging with Yamaha’s introduction of the APSG and YCCT on the MT-09. From these components, motorcyclists can expect better brake control, lift control, slide control, and traction control. Consumers can purchase the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 for $9,399.00 in January 2021.

The Yamaha MT-09 Leaked