The Valencia Grand Prix on November 15th will see Valentino Rossi return to his racing seat, with the championship-winning driver having been sidelined for two GPs following his positive infection of coronavirus. Valentino Rossi wasn’t permitted to resume racing for Yamaha MotoGP Factory Team until two negative tests were sustained. Days before the race, Rossi proved himself cleared of Covid-19 & was permitted by Dorna Sports to enter the practice sessions.

The Yamaha MotoGP Factory Team have suffered a never-ending losing battle to the coronavirus. Multiple members of their organization have contracted the virus, forcing critical aspects of team operations to suffer. When Valentino Rossi was confirmed to have Covid-19, expectations were that Yamaha would enhance their physical distancing protocols. Nothing has changed & members of the factory team continue to contract Covid-19.

Valentino Rossi wasn’t permitted to compete at the first & second Aragon Grand Prix’s in 2020. He initially tested positive days after competing in France, with his infection period sustaining longer than two weeks. Supporters were delighted when Valentino Rossi was cleared of Covid-19 days before the European Grand Prix, allowing him to compete on the grid. When Valentino Rossi returned to his home nation of Italy a day later, Italian healthcare found that he maintained a small viral load of coronavirus. It forced an additional two tests for Valentino Rossi, where the November 11th PCR Covid test appeared negative. It’s enabled his clearance to compete at the Valencia GP.

Problems Continue for Yamaha

Speculation suggests that Valentino Rossi’s incorrect test results prompted additional personnel at Yamaha to contract the virus. It’s known that five individuals aren’t permitted at the Valencia Grand Prix this November 15th. That includes Massimo Meregalli, the Team Manager of Yamaha. He contracted the virus days ago & now requires two weeks of quarantine. His close contact with Valentino Rossi almost confirms that his primary driver is the reasoning for infection.

It should be clarified that since October 2020, ten individuals with Yamaha have contracted the coronavirus. Their team has experienced more infections than any other on the MotoGP grid. Readers shouldn’t expect Valentino Rossi & Yamaha to perform admirably against Honda this weekend, with the reasoning being the lack of their Team Manager.

Valentino Rossi Cleared for the Valencia GP