The tables are turning on the MotoGP Grid, with formidable champions that once reigned supreme, now becoming outdated in-comparison to younger drivers with more significant physical strength. This has been the case for Valentino Rossi, who confirmed after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, that he doesn’t believe himself competitive enough to compete for championship contention. Rossi is twenty-six points behind the champion leader, Andrea Dovizioso & with each race that gap grows bigger. Valentino Rossi won’t be the 2020 MotoGP Champion.

Several Grand Prix’s have occurred throughout the 2020 MotoGP Season, with it being one of the most tightly packed for championship contention in recent years. Twenty-seven points are standing between the top ten drivers, with a minimum of four points splitting the top four. Valentino Rossi sustains 9th currently in the MotoGP 2020 Standings. His last Grand Prix at Misano was another failure for Valentino Rossi, with the former champion crashing out on the 2nd lap. He’d admit to not sustaining any grip & not being competitive. It appears that age is reflecting the skillsets and attitude of Valentino Rossi.

MotoGP Reporters interviewed Valentino Rossi after the Misano Grand Prix, where they questioned the former champion on his title hopes. Valentino Rossi noted that championship discussions have been held before and that it’s not right because his difference in the points is evident. Rossi mentioned that failure to gain points at Misano doesn’t change much and that the remaining top eight have small differences in their scores. Valentino said an unlikely opportunity to winning the championship that greater speed & stronger downforce is needed.

No Confidence

Valentino Rossi regarded that after every Grand Prix is completed, his Yamaha doesn’t feel stable & all grip has been lost. Rossi would admit that what occurred at Turn Four at Misano was his mistake, which was made before the 2nd lap had even competed. Rossi’s true feelings are based on personal growth, where Valentino doesn’t be himself competitive any longer. At least not to the point of obtaining championship status near the age of forty. There hasn’t been a single MotoGP Driver to acquire the championship at 41.

Valentino Rossi Disproves of Yamaha’s Slow Pace