The MotoGP Paddock is starting to growing concerns over the COVID-19 Positive Test of Sergio Perez in Formula One mildly. This F1 Driver contracted the coronavirus before attending the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, forcing Perez to miss two Grand Prix’s back-to-back & have Nico Hulkenberg replace him as a temporary driver. Sergio Perez is also missing the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix in Formula One, a considerable loss to the Mexican racer.

Concerns uttered by MotoGP Riders have been designated as foolish, with Sergio Perez being an inclusive case that followed from lack of consideration to COVID-19 Formula One Protocols. Perez travelled to Mexico to visit his mother after the Hungaroring Grand Prix, contracting coronavirus during his travels. Guidelines issued by MotoGP don’t allow Riders to go in-between Grand Prix’s without substantial penalties, meaning the conditions that infected Sergio Perez are unlikely in MotoGP.

One MotoGP Rider made public statements over his concern, with that being Valentino Rossi. He mentioned an evident fear after learning that Sergio Perez had contracted COVID-19, prompting stress from the MotoGP Champion. He’d emphasize that there haven’t been special celebrations with himself after notable races, making sure to stay safe from international travel.

Valentino Rossi indicated that Fabio Quartararo shamed similar concerns to himself, that both were concerns about the COVID-19 Pandemic in Mexico. Reporters then asked Rossi who has been included in his “Coronavirus Bubble”. Valentino indicated that he’d seen his wife, daughter, parents, and drivers exclusively within the Vr46 Academy. Rossi testified that everyone is wearing the required gear during their meetings, ensuring that contraction of the virus is 90% eliminated.

The Future of Valentino Rossi

July 19th marked the date when Valentino Rossi would confirm his future in MotoGP. The Italian Native announced that he’d continue onwards in MotoGP throughout the 2021 Season, with an available seat for 2022. His announcement comes after Valentino Rossi was forced into facing his fearing with the future of racing, with younger & younger drivers competing against his Nine-Time Championship record. Rossi knows it’ll be impossible to defend the strengths of Marc Marquez but refuses to quit, holding onto his passion until it isn’t possible any longer.

Valentino Rossi Judges Sergio Perez