Late in 2018, many changes occurred with MX racing, and we saw a few classes change with age limits and others fall away completely.

If there’s only one brilliant addition, it would be the 250 2 strokes that are meant for the riders who are ready to move on from the 250 4 strokes, but not quite up for the big races such as the MXGP. The 2 strokes are sure to provide some interesting racing action as we once again see their high-tuned beasts return to the track in competitive MX racing.

From what we can see, there are already loads of riders interested in the new class, including some of the best from both 125 and 250 4 strokes. This will be a class worth keeping an eye on as the smokers deliver so much more power and the competition is bound to be brilliant as these matching already performs at their absolute peak! Here’s why we think the new 2 stroke class will be better than the 4 strokes:

2 Strokes Have So Much More Power!

Those who know and ride MX bikes will know that the 250 2 strokes run just as quick as the 450 4 strokes and they have the advantage of being lighter and better balanced.

So, as you can imagine, this new class will be one that has us seeing bigger jumps, tighter cornering and riders who actually have way too much power to use on the short tracks. Not only will this cause some to fall under the pressure, but we’ll see the champs work hard to earn their titles.

For those who aren’t too clued up on bikes, the difference between 2 and 4 strokes night and day. The 2 strokes fire twice as much as the 4 strokes, allowing them to have a lot more power, which might not be as smooth as the 4 strokes, but for the riders who can get in the power band and stay there, it’s bound to be a huge advantage!

Less Break Downs

The 4 strokes have become reliable over the years in the world of MX racing, but they still don’t perform quite as well, which is understandable since there are so many more moving parts that could fail.

With the 2 strokes, we’re bound to see more racing and less breaking down, allowing the riders to focus on their abilities instead of falling behind due to a faulty bike. The 2 strokes will allow the true champions to shine through and all for the right reasons as the bikes are so closely tunes that power differences won’t be a huge decider anymore.

The bikes are also a lot lighter, which could have some teams changing the way to prep for the races and different track types, which is yet another section we’ll get to enjoy with the new 2 stroke 2019 MX series.

Why 250 2 Strokes is Great for 2019 MX Racing